5 timeless ingredients


The simplest skin regimen

5 pure & simple ingredients to make a huge difference

These 5 ingredients (6 products) is what started Katari. Argil green clay is our absolute favorite. We hope more people read about it and enjoy its complex chemistry that is so incredible to keep skin blemish-free. We love using Argil 2 times a week in the shower (to steam the pores), mixed 1:1 with Barie Powder for extra hydrating and exfoliating. In the morning (daily) we use Roseau (rose) and / or Geran (geranium) flower waters on clean skin and massage Hoba Oil in to lock the moisture. In the evening, we cleanse skin with Hoba Oil and warm water and then apply more Roseau / Geran and our favorite Vitamin E rich Barie Oil - the only natural ingredient known to cosmetologists to boost collagen production in skin.

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