Hoba Oil + Geranium =

protected skin

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Hoba (jojoba) oil + geranium hydrator

Here is a quick summary of what to do with these two products. Hoba (jojoba oil) - pre-shave to soften skin, as (instead of) shaving cream, post shave as a moisturizer, as beard lube, hair conditioning oil, all over face, hands, dry cracked heels and anything anywhere oil. Always apply oils on clean slightly wet skin (do not put oils on your face after a run, wash first)! Geran (geranium flower water) - don't be scared of the word flower. It does not smell like a flower. But what it does is amazing - you can use it as a skin hydrating, non-irritating, skin soothing after-shave, spray and massage some geranium water in the areas that sweat (armpits, feet) to help them stay fresh. 

Cold-pressed hypoallergenic jojoba oil in a hand-blown frosted bottle - 1 fl oz / 30 ml
1,0 oz | 30 mlTester 0.02 | 6 ml4,4 oz | 130 ml
45.00 USD

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