We took an effort and we did it without the money, funding, crowd-funding or anything at all. We made our handblown glass packaging in an effort to eliminate as much of the plastic packaging from the world of beauty and from our planet as possible. 

We support dozens of glass makers in the Mediterranean. They make truly exquisite pieces. When I met Ali, our chief glass maker boss, and showed him my sketches of the bottles and jars I wanted to make, he looked at the page for about 10 seconds and waved to me to close the book. Two minutes later I had a perfect jar in my hands. Watch this! 


Our olive wood accessories are sustainably made out of olive wood that has outlived its productive life of making olives and found new life in a beautiful craft. A new tree has been planted nearby meanwhile to keep the circle of life going.

Watch this little video from Idriss. Our olive wood maker. If you need passion about sustainable and plastic-free, he has more than plenty for all of us to get inspired and on board about eco-friendly things in life and saving our planet from plastic. Just watch.


Our clay bowls for mixing of the masques and DIY beauty recipes are made in one village that is protected by Unesco and has the most unique and ancient way of making pottery. Yes, they might appear chipped and ragged to some, but it is truly the perfection of imperfect, the raku-style, warm to touch and feeling like you just went back a few thousand years ago. Here is Emna, making her bowls, each one by hand, taking over an hour for each...