with katari you will change the way you view beauty products

less is more when done right

There is only one grade in quality - THE BEST.

That is why we do everything the hardest way possible - travel and meet with artisans, sample and test, test and sample; and then test some more. Everything matters - quality, source, location, relationship, story. 

Try our 5-ingredient collection - ADRA 'the purest', suitable for most sensitive skin and for all ages.

By working with thousand-year old beauty recipes and masters who create them, we assembled a simple, proven beauty ritual for keeping skin and hair beautiful, clean and healthy NATURALLY.

we source ethically & directly

It matters where & how ingredients are made

Our every product consists of just one, 100% active, natural and or organic ingredient. We use no alcohol, no preservatives, no dyes or perfumes. Each is hand-crafted using ancient methods using only hands of masters.

Incredible quality from directly from the artisans


Every ingredient and accessory is made by talented artisans using ancient techniques. Our artisans have been perfecting their crafts for countless generations. 

Mix your own beauty recipes

Use 'as is' or mix it all

All ingredients in KATARI collection can be used individually and in various combinations to create simple and effective beauty recipes even for most demanding and sensitive skin and hair types.

Handcrafted, unique and sustainable are our accessories

Made to last

We selected unique handmade accessories that carry energy and history of artisans who created them. From UNESCO protected ceramic for mixing facial masques to sustainable olive wood for a truly non-reactive and zero waste beauty treatment.

We travel far so that you can enjoy the best in natural beauty

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