Simple beauty is very complex

from fields to bottles

We do it all - we travel, we work with artisans, source the most incredible beauty staples. We package our single-ingredient products in handblown glass we make. We are for slow beauty and more sustainable, and more connected and safe world.

Meet our artisans

Advanced Degrees in making of beauty

From an artisan with Ph.D in nuclear physics working on cold-pressing of wild-grown oils to an artisan group with Ph.Ds in vapor distillation of flower waters, to UNESCO-protected craft of pottery making - we take our ingredients & accessories very seriously!

Sustainable beauty

Handmade with love

Every ingredient and accessory is made by talented artisans using ancient sustainable and eco-friendly techniques.  Artisans we work with have been perfecting their crafts for countless generations in sunny Mediterranean.

We package in handblown glass

Artisanal glass

Pure and handmade ingredients and accessories do not deserve plastic and mainstream packaging. So we made our own. It is beautiful, pure, and eco-friendly. It is handblown glass and sustianably grown cork. 

we source ethically & directly

It matters where & how ingredients are made

Our every product consists of ONE, 100% active and pure ingredient and THAT IS ALL. Each ingredient is hand-crafted by Katari artisans using ancient methods from wild-grown, organically & sustainably grown ingredients.

Plastic-free world is possible

Pure glass with cork

We made beautiful handmade glass amphorae and jars inspired by the ancient Mediterranean. They are not more expensive than mass-produced glass but surely more eco-friendly and give jobs to dozens of glass-makers in the Mediterranean.

The cork we use is sustainably harvested in Portugal. It is not only a craft that goes back centuries, cork also allows our products to breathe, just like fine wine, without oxidating.

In every bottle and jar and accessory you touch, we want you to feel the warmth of the Mediterranean, countless generations of traditions and love of masters who created this simple and timeless beauty.

how we do it or

the hardest way to make beauty simple

Winter Skin Rescue Pick

Vitamin A Skin super food

Rosehip Oil | 100% pure, cold-pressed Vit. A & C brighetning oil

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