Intro to Clear Skin & Slow Beauty

Discovery Kit

68.00 USD

two ancient ingredients for naturally clear, blemish-free skin, tight pores and smooth complexion


Hoba (Jojoba) Oil and Argil Green Clay - hypoallergenic and pH-neutral

68.00 USD
A multi-tasking miracle - Hoba Oil will hydrate, purify, balance and heal your skin. It can be used as your daily AM & PM non-greasy cleansing oil and / or a moisturizer on any skin, even on babies. 

Our pure Argil green clay will detoxify, soften and balance any skin. Its unique mineral content will boost circulation, help with moisture retention (preventing skin dryness) and will flush out impurities.

Both ingredients are incredible to keep acne bacteria away and to keep any skin feeling baby smooth and soft.

Keep it simple & effective

You can throw away most skincare products and use these two ingredients and you will understand that skincare does not need to be complicated. Hoba Oil by itself will replace you dozens of products. And it will do a better job. And Argil green clay will amaze you at how effortlessly it keeps your skin healthy and clear. Don't break a bank and keep your most valuable commodity - time, because simple is perfect when it comes to beauty.

for acne & breakouts & uneven skin tone

for a simple daily routine to keep skin clean

for clear complexion, tight pores and fewer wrinkles

Simple Daily Regimen

To take the best advantage of the benefits of any natural or botanical ingredients, it is important to use them correctly, taking it slow, and allowing ingredients to do their work.  

Your Slow Beauty Routine

Morning Cleanse with Hoba Oil

Every morning after shower, while skin is still slightly wet, add a few drops of Hoba Oil. Massage the oil into the clean skin. Use your fingertips and either lightly 'raindrop' the oil or massage in circular motion from bottom of the face up (do not pull skin down). You can add more Hoba anytime in the morning or throughout the day. 

Hoba also makes a great hair conditioner - add a drop to your favorite conditioner or simply add to your hair (for gents, to beard or mustache) and let it steam for a few minutes in the shower. You will amazed how soft and wonderful you hair will feel.

If you happen to have a beard, steam it in the shower and add a few drops of Hoba Oil as a decadent conditioning treatment, similar to a beard lube but better.

Daily Routine with Hoba - AM / PM

For ladies, Hoba Oil makes a perfect moisturizing base for makeup. If you have dry skin and applying a consealer adds an uneven visible layer to your skin, Hoba can fix it. Apply a little bit of Hoba Oil on slightly wet skin and before Hoba completely melts into your skin, add your makeup product.

In the evening, Hoba Oil will melt your makup, removing even the most stubborn mascara effortlessly, and without stinging eyes. Apply a couple of drops of Hoba to a slightly wet cotton round and cleanse your skin. Rinse with warm water and follow up with a little more Hoba Oil as your night moisturizing serum.

For gentlemen, Hoba Oil can be used instead of shaving cream on warm wet skin and can be used after shave to contition and moisturize the skin.

Deep Clean with Argil - twice a week

Use your mixing bowl and add 2 scoops of Argil green clay with your olive wood spatula. Then add a little bit of tap warm water to make a smooth and not runny consistency. This will take just a few seconds. Then splash some warm water on your face and using the same spatula or finger tips, apply the mixture to your face and neck in a thin layer, avoiding eyes and sensitive areas under eyes.

You can let the masque rest until clay dries. We usually say, when you cannot smile, wash it off. :) You will know what we mean! 

But the easiest way to use the masque is in the shower, because steam will get Argil deeper into your pores. And skin will not feel tight. Rinse last. And when you are out of the shower, apply a couple of drops of Hoba Oil of slightly wet skin to seal the moisture.

2 ingredients for naturally healthy skin

  • Hoba Oil- use as your AM and PM facial cleanser and as the last step in your routine to moisturize AM and PM

  • Argil Green Clay- use on face and neck, 2-3x a week for optimal results. Argil can be used AM or PM. For use on scalp, before shampoo - 1-2x a month.

What makes Hoba amazing

  • perfect for every skin age and type

  • non greasy finish

  • melts makeup

  • high in Vit E for protection and hydration

  • high in Zinc and Copper for healing and collagen formation

  • high antioxidant value

What makes Argil amazing

  • effective for all skins

  • powerful purifying properties

  • stops blemishes in their tracks

  • cleanses out and shrinks pores

  • incredibly softening

  • pH-neutral & hypoallergenic naturally

Cool Things To Know

Argil green clay boosts blood circulation and if you experience redness, is not an allergic reaction. It is clay doing its thing! The redness will go away in minutes.

Clays are famous of purging toxins and impurities. If you experience breakouts after the first time using clay, no need to panic. Do another masque next day to dry out the breakouts. Clay just did its job!

If you have oily skin and are scared of oils, don't be. Hoba mimics skin's sebum and tells skin to stop producing it. So more oil will make less oil. Sounds counterintuitive but it works!

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