Maybe the idea will sound too simplistic - how difficult can it be to package rose water or jojoba oil in a bottle. But real simplicity is very complex. 

Rose water differs from another rose water and jojoba oils are not made the same. Many of our customers were our biggest skeptics first, saying 'I have tried jojoba oil before and am not a fan'. After trying our freshly cold-pressed fresh and unfiltered golden jojoba oil, they told us, 'well, I am obsessed.'

It goes on and on about each ingredient we have.

I personally spent over 10 years looking for a specific clay with very particular chemical composition. And 10 years to find the rose water that all our customers rave about. That is a lot of years.

We learned something quite funny about one of the most expensive oils we source, prickly pear cactus seed oil, our Barie. When we tried to import it to Russia where they currently have it on the market, customs told us they have never had this oil enter the country through the customs before. After a lot of pain and aggravation, it turned out that 'other' oils were not 100% pure and were blends with other oils. However, somehow there are 100% pure oils available for purchase on that same very market.... hmmmm...

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