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Amatevi - Amour d'ete | Perfume Oil (100% pure, alcohol-free, made in France)
0.5 fl ozLimited Edition Tester
120.00 USD

Amour d'ete Notes

  • Top Notes

fleur d'oranger, orange

  • Heart Notes

jasmine & rose

  • Base Notes

notes boisees, musc blanc (plant-based)

Nuit Sicilienne Notes

  • Top Notes

bergamote & muscade

  • Heart Notes

fleur blanche

  • Base Notes

cedre, nagarmota, patchouli, vanille

How to use Perfume Oils

No matter how tempting, the best way to smell a perfume is on your skin after it had a chance to blend with your skin chemistry. Apply a tiny drop to your wrist and rub wrists together, and rub one of the wrists against the back of your neck. Wait 60 seconds!

Throughout the day, explore how the scent changes from top to heart to base notes. And the base note will linger for most of the day.

You might not smell 'yourself' anymore after your nose falls in love and gets used to the scent, but those around you will!

How to store Perfume Oils

This is not your typical perfume. It is a blend of essential oils. It does not have alcohol, dyes or any other additives. Essential oils love to stay away from the sun, light and moisture. To keep your perfume in the best shape possible, store it in the dark drawer in your bedroom, and never in your bathroom.

Also, oil perfumes have another talent - just like fine wines, they mature and get more refined and sophisticated as essential oils age in the blend together. You can explore how your scent subtly changes over time becoming deeper and more beautiful.

Fall in love with Amatevi

Amour d'ete in a garden of love...