Single Ingredient & Multi-Purpose


It is pretty amazing when you cannot go wrong with something, right? Pick any of our luxury oils - they work for all humans with skin and hair and are perfect multitaskers to try and fall in love with!
Here is a little cheat-sheet:
Henna - moisturizing oil for dry hair and scalp (does not alter hair color)
Granate (pomegranate seed) - source of antioxidants and Vit. C
Castor - brow and lash growth enhancing moisturizing & protecting oil

Rosehip - alternative to retinol, brightening, Vit. A rich oil

Black Seed - strongest natural ingredient to fight acne and breakouts

Hoba (jojoba) - universal oil for anything skin & hair - perfect primer, cleanser, moisturizer

Barie (prickly pear cactus seed) - the ultimate anti-aging oil, rich in Vit. E

Pick one, two, three or all six!

The more you pick the merrier!

Henna OilBlack Castor OilBlack Seed OilPomegranate OilHoba (Jojoba) OilRosehip OilBarie Oil
18.00 USD

Oil loves water! Use a hydrosol before oil for best results!