Single Ingredient & Multi-Purpose


It is pretty amazing when you cannot go wrong with something, right? Pick any of our luxury oils - they work for all humans with skin and hair and are perfect multitaskers to try and fall in love with!
Here is a little cheat-sheet:
Henna - moisturizing oil for dry hair and scalp (does not alter hair color)
Granate (pomegranate seed) - source of antioxidants and Vit. C
Castor - brow and lash growth enhancing moisturizing & protecting oil

Rosehip - alternative to retinol, brightening, Vit. A rich oil

Black Seed - strongest natural ingredient to fight acne and breakouts

Hoba (jojoba) - universal oil for anything skin & hair - perfect primer, cleanser, moisturizer

Barie (prickly pear cactus seed) - the ultimate anti-aging oil, rich in Vit. E

Pick one, two, three or all six!

The more you pick the merrier!

Huile de hennéHuile de ricin noirL'huile de graine noireHuile de grenadeHoba (Jojoba) OilHuile de rose musquéeBarie Oil
22.00 USD

Oil loves water! Use a hydrosol before oil for best results!