1 oz | 30 g5 oz | 140 gREFILL 8 oz | 236 g
32.00 USD

Argil [arr-zheel']

Green Clay

the most gentle, yet most powerful skin cleansing, pore refining obsessively hard-working facial clay masque

One Ingredient:

100% pure, primordial green clay powder; naturally hypoallergenic & pH-neutral, non-comedogenic

1 oz | 30 g5 oz | 140 gREFILL 8 oz | 236 g
32.00 USD
Impressively concentrated minerals work together in Argil to oxygenate (Iron), purify (Magnesium), and heal (hundreds of trace minerals) skin. If you had to keep one extremely hardworking ingredient in your skin cleansing arsenal, Argil will win every time. This clay is deeply cleansing and exfoliating. It draws out impurities and extra sebum, improving blood circulation and helping with regenerating new, healthy skin cells, and balancing out acne-prone and dry skin alike.

5 reasons to love Argil green clay masque

  • Argil is packed with minerals that work on a cellular level to help regenerate skin and balance it, while naturally neutral pH helps skin stay acne-free

  • rejuvenates skin by gently exfoliating dead skin cells and deeply cleansing skin

  • clears blackheads, draws out excess oils and impurities

  • maintains skin moisture barrier & promotes healthy skin cell growth

  • perfect for all skin types (balances oily, dry and combination skin), does not sting or irritate skin. Some redness is normal - it goes away in minutes and is caused by increased blood circulation

Why Our Customers Love Argil

We have done a such bad job sharing with you how amazing this ingredient is...

We listed some of the skin concerns that our rose water addressed for our customers.

  • don't need to wear foundation anymore

  • cleared breakouts quickly

  • cleaned pored deeply

  • soft skin and happy pores

  • does not irritate skin

  • leaves skin smooth & radiant 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Best mask for smooth skin

Love everything this company makes. My skin is very sensitive and clay masks are usually too abrasive. This mask will not tug on your skin at all!! Afterwards your skin is so soft and clear it’s like magic. This is great for sensitive skin types!

A Must Have!

This mask is everything it claims to be! My blackheads cleared up after just two uses and after about a month of use my pores are seriously reduced. It is so gentle on my skin and doesn’t burn in the least!

Katie Pagano Gerwitz
An Absolute Dream

My skin is prone to breakouts and using the Argil clay has worked wonders. I used to wear foundation to cover up all of my blemishes, and now it is only on super special occasions that I wear foundation because the Katari products have brought the beauty back to my skin. I love the Argil clay!

Katie, thank you so much! This means a lot! Argil is our most favorite!!! :) ~ Kate

Kyontha N.
Great mask for all skin types!

I have been using this mask for my combination acne-prone skin for years, and I love it. It clears breakouts quickly and leaves my skin smooth and soft. Highly recommended!

Kyontha, we are so grateful for your support and for your beautiful review. Argil IS a pretty special clay! :) Hugs, Kate

It cleaned my pores deeeeep

this mask is so deep cleaning my pores, it closes the pores, plus it doesn't overdraw the skin.
Also I noticed less sun spots too!

Yay! Thank you so much for the review! Argil clay is very hard-working and yet gentle enough even for sensitive skin! So glad you like it! :) ~ Kate

Learn more about Argil green clay

Here a little tutorial about green clay - old packaging, same super helpful information to use Argil for flawless skin. :)

Watch how we hand-pick Argil

Travel with us to the most remote part of Tunisia and see how we hand-pick Argil from the ancient seabed. It is always quite a trip!

The rarest & most beneficial of clays...

Ancient Mediterranean Sea

Argil is a primordial clay that formed in the basin of the ancient dried up sea. The salt, the plants, and the organic matter formed this clay.

Undiluted & Potent

Hidden by sands and soil for tens of thousands of years with less than 1/2 inch of annual rain, Argil's minerals are not diluted or washed off.

Impressive Minerals Cocktail

Not just one, but many minerals happen to be a part of Argil composition, which makes this clay the most hard-working yet gentle.

Sustainable & Helpful

Farmers who live on this land, have literally a 'sea' of clay. We take a tiny little bit and on top of the remediated soil, olive trees grow much better.

Tips on using Argil

Cleanse Skin

Mix 1-2 tsps of Argil with water before shower and apply to slightly wet skin. Steam while you shower and rinse last. Repeat 1-2 times a week.

Cleanse Hair

Instead of using a clarifying (deeply cleansing) shampoo, you can mix 1 tsp of Argil with water and rinse hair and scalp with it. Condition if you like. Experiment and see what your hair loves more.

Spot Treatment

Mix a pinch of Argil in your palm with a drop of water and apply a directly on pimples / breakouts. Let the clay dry completely - it will pull excess sebum as it dries. Rinse.

Exfoliate Skin

Our favorite is a 1:1 combination with Barie Powder for extra exfoliation and moisturizing. But by itself Argil is actually a very impressive gentle exfoliator. All you need to do is a a typical facial masque. Do not over-dry and repeat 1-2 times a week.

Detox Skin

Argil pulls toxins and impurities out of skin. For best detoxing, a foot bath with a bit of Argil is perfect or applying Argil mixture to where our lymph nodes are or on palms and feet - we collect a lot of toxins through these body parts.

Facial Masque

You can mix Argil with just water or add other ingredients. Do not be afraid to experiment. The only tip: please use non-metal accessories when mixing and applying Argil clay masque.

Products that complement Argil

To take best advantage of the benefits of Argil green clay, here are a few tips. We always apply Argil on slightly wet skin before shower and steam skin in the shower to allow clay to get deep into pores. We always moisturize skin after a facial masque with hypoallergenic Hoba Oil (jojoba oil). For extra moisturizing boost and added exfoliation, you can add 1 part of Barie Powder to your Argil masque. Mixing Argil with just water is enough to get the most from this super-charged powerful ingredient but if you like, you can add cocoa powder or honey or aloe to the mix (check out our recipes for more info). Use Argil green clay masque 1-2 a week for clean, tight pores, and healthy, blemish-free skin. Some of our customers love mixing Argil with Geran (geranium flower water) or hydrating skin with Geran after the masque and following up with Hoba Oil to seal the moisture. Experiment and have fun!

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