1.0 oz | 30 ml4.4 oz | 130 ml
46.00 USD

Hoba [ho-buh]

Hoba (jojoba) Oil

hypoallergenic, pH-neutral moisturizer, primer, beard lube & makeup remover for all skin and hair types for all humans

One Ingredient:

100% pure, cold-pressed jojoba plant wax (oil)

1.0 oz | 30 ml4.4 oz | 130 ml
46.00 USD
Say 'hello' to Hoba, the oil that's so pure it practically squeaks with cleanliness! This diligent do-gooder of skincare is cold-pressed from organic jojoba seeds, hand-picked from quaint farms nestled in the Nile Delta. It's so unadulterated, you can almost hear it humming its own hymn of purity.

Hoba isn't just a one-trick pony - oh no! This multi-talented marvel caters to all, from newborns to the young at heart, and every skin type in between. Hypoallergenic and pH-neutral, Hoba is as gentle as a lullaby, perfect for your baby's skin, acne sufferers, and makeup lovers who delight in a clean slate at the end of the day. It's like a Swiss Army knife of skincare - all in one neat, little bottle.

5 reasons to love Hoba Oil

  • Low-maintenance skincare butler that cleanses, conditions, and primes with natural pH-neutral and hypoallergenic finesse.

  • Wave goodbye to stubborn waterproof mascara, thanks to Hoba's effortless removal skills.

  • Say hello to peace for inflamed or acne-prone skin, as Hoba soothes irritation and keeps blemishes at bay like a personal skin therapist.

  • Savor the skin-boosting cocktail of copper and Hyaluronic Acid, making Hoba a revitalizing smoothie for your face.

  • Enjoy quick absorption without any greasy residue - Hoba leaves nothing behind but a radiant glow.

Why Our Customers Cannot Get Enough of Hoba

The most versatile daily skincare staple to rule them all!

We listed what Hoba Oil has done for our customers.

  • skin heals in days

  • super-sensitive, dry skin loves it

  • life-changing for frizzy hair, split ends

  • have not turned back to other moisturizing products

  • skin cleared completely

  • does not create breakouts

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Learn more about jojoba oil

Watch our video and learn about jojoba oil (or plant wax) and why it is so amazing for any skin and hair needs.

Watch how we cold-press our oils

This video shows Black Seed Oil being cold-pressed, but the process is the same for all oils, including amazing Hoba Oil.

What makes Katari Hoba extra special!

Cold-Pressed Pure Goodness

The yield is pretty small when you cold-press dried seeds, but the result is a phenomenally rich oil that preserved all of its nutrients.

From the Richest Soil

Mineral-rich sediments gather in the Delta of the Nile to make the most fertile soil on Earth. This is where our Jojoba shrubs grow and soak up sun and minerals.

Real Organic Farming

It is illegal and also cost prohibitive to use chemicals in Egypt. The land is the natural treasure and it is actually perfectly fertilized naturally by the mighty Nile.

Small Batch & On Demand

Katari artisans perfected the craft of small batch and only press small quantities of oil for us on demand. This ensures you always get the freshest oil at its peak.

Tips on using Hoba

Moisturize & Prime

Apply a few drops at a time to slightly wet clean skin. Repeat any time.

Treat Hair & Scalp

Add a few drops to hair ends and lengths, massage a few drops into scalp. Less is more. You can always add more if you need.

Shaving & Conditioning

Steam beard and hair in the shower and condition with Hoba oil (massage it in). Try Hoba instead of a shaving cream.

Makeup Remover

Use a cotton round or a slightly wet sponge to remove all makeup. Rinse with water and moisturize with more Hoba Oil.

Baby Care

Little ones' delicate skin will love Hoba Oil after bath, or to help reduce redness and diaper rash.

Why Hoba Oil Is a Must-Have for All?

Babies & Kids

Naturally hypoallergenic, chemically-speaking 'wax' jojoba can be used instead of any and all skin and hair products for your little one. Read more about using Hoba for kids here.


Not only Hoba is a phenomenal introduction into pure and natural products, but also, it will help keep their skin clear when hormones want to cause havoc, help control breakouts and acne.


Hoba is soothing for callused hands, healing skin from eczema, conditioning beards and hair, moisturizing dry lips, cuticles and skin all over without scent or alcohol. And it is a great conditioning oil for hair and beard.


Hoba is literally a must-have in every lady purse - for priming, conditioning, moisturizing, blending with other oils, removing makeup and putting on your entire family when needed!

Hoba's awesome friends!

Hoba is pretty awesome by itself. But oils even the ones like jojoba oil that are closer to waxes love water. Mixing 1 part Hoba with 3 parts of Roseau (rose water), will make an incredible DIY cleanser or moisturizing toner that is not oily - your skin will 'drink it up'. Hoba after Geran (geranium water) will heal skin and seal the moisture after a shower or after a shave. Hoba mixed 1:1 with Castor Oil will help cleanse pores and makes for a great hair or scalp treatment.

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