Hoba [ho-buh]

100% pure jojoba

One oil to rule them all!

'Seriously this is by far my favorite beauty oil and if I was stranded on a desert island and I could only take one skincare item, this would be it
I use it as a face, body or hair oil and it can also be used to remove makeup. My husband also loves to use it as beard oil. I highly recommend this stuff!!' ~ Kellie

We cannot agree more. Obsession is strong word, but being obsessed with Hoba is a good thing and we have been in love with this oil since day one. And, you might know already, we have some pretty impressive oils in our collection, but this one is a super star! Read on to learn more! And check out our blog written by an expert in holistic beauty about impressive minerals in Hoba to keep your skin vitality and health.
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Why use Hoba?

Hoba can replace most if not all skin and hair products you use. And you will not regret this decision. Hoba can be used on any skin type from newborn babies all the way up to people in their golden age to tackle skin issues from healing, to aging, to acne and dryness. This is one impressive oil 'to rule them all'.

Hoba is rich in Vitamins and minerals that are absolutely instrumental for keeping skin cells healthy, hydrated and youthful. Click here to learn about chemical composition of Hoba (jojoba) oil.

What is Hoba?

Latin Name for jojoba plant is Simmondsia Chinensis, and it is also known as goat nut, deer nut, pignut, wild hazel, quinine nut, coffeeberry, and gray box bush. 

Jojoba  or Katari Hoba Oil is not an oil after all. It is a liquid wax ester pronounced (ho-ho-ba). It is the closest in chemical composition to our skin sebum. This is exactly why human skin does not react to it. 

Jojoba plant is native of America, but made its way to African continent, where we currently source it from small organic farms in the Delta of the Nile in Egypt and cold-press to keep all its marvelous properties to heal skin and hair.

Did you know?

Hoba is rich in copper. And one of the coolest properties of copper is its ability to promote the production of Hyaluronic Acid (HLA) in our skin. Everyone is obsessed with HLA for a good reason!

Removing makeup like a

Pro with hoba

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Why this is the only must-have for all?

Babies & Kids

naturally hypoallergenic, chemically-speaking 'wax' jojoba can be used instead of any and all skin and hair products for your little one. Read more about using Hoba for kids here.


not only Hoba is a phenomenal introduction into pure and natural products, but also, it will help keep their skin clear when hormones want to cause havoc.


soothing for callused hands, healing skin from eczema, conditioning beards and hair, moisturizing dry lips, cuticles and skin all over without scent or alcohol.


literally a must-have in every lady purse - for priming, conditioning, moisturizing, blending with other oils, removing makeup and putting on your entire family when needed!

Daily acne-control oil


1.0 oz | 30 mlREFILL 4.0 oz | 113 ml4.4 oz | 130 ml
46.00 USD

Vitamins А, B, D, E, Copper & Zinc 

Hoba (jojoba plant wax) balances out natural skin oil production without clogging pores, helps control acne, breakouts, and whiteheads. Hoba Oil is safe and versatile to use for all, even for people with most sensitive skin and even for newborns. 
  • antioxidant, rich in zinc to prevent wrinkle formation at the molecular level

  • smooths fine wrinkles and plumps skin (helps retain moisture & rebuild collagen)

  • maintains skin moisture barrier & fights skin inflammation

  • great for any skin type - dry, acneic, combination, mature and baby skin

  • clears acne causing bacteria and resulting scarring

Keep skin clear, clean and smooth with Hoba!

reasons to fall in love

with Hoba

  • natural hypoallergenic moisturizer

  • perfect primer - use before makeup for smooth application

  • makeup remover - all makeup even mascara

  • keeps inflammation away and benefits acneic skin

  • maintains skin natural moisture barrier & hydration

  • repairs skin cell damage due to free radical neutralizing gamma-tocopherols

  • perfect treatment for hair & nails - for stronger and healthier growth

  • natural source of copper and skin-beneficial Hyaluronic Acid

  • absorbs quickly and leaves no oily residue (apply after a toner)

  • does not clog pores

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Where Hoba comes from & what it does!

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The best Jojoba Oil in the world!

Cold-pressing oil out of dried seeds does not yield much oil. It is neither fast nor easy. But cold-pressing is the only way to extract oil from the seeds to preserve their minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. We go all the way to the Delta of the Nile, where not only plants are grown using same, organic, and sustainable methods, but also the soil is not depleted from farming. Sediments rich in minerals, flow to Nile's Delta every year from the entire African continent. This is what make Hoba coming from this ares the richest and most potent jojoba oil in the world.

One ingredient with many benefits

  • naturally pH-neutral & hypoallergenic
  • great skin cleanser and primer
  • all over moisturizer and skin healing oil
  • has only one natural ingredient – 100% pure, cold-pressed jojoba plant wax (oil)
  • great for absolutely ALL skin types

Hoba (jojoba) Oil

for healthy skin

46.00 USD
1.0 oz | 30 mlREFILL 4.0 oz | 113 ml4.4 oz | 130 ml

how to use

Hoba is so simple, yet here are a few tips on how to maximize this incredible oil for every body part for the entire family! You are welcome!

Daily regimen with Hoba for all humans!

Makeup Remover

Add a few drops of Hoba to to a cotton ball and wipe your eyes, face or neckline. Hoba naturally takes care of eyeliners, waterproof mascara and all kinds of professional and day-to-day makeup beautifully. Hoba cleanses, moisturizes and creates a wonderful base for a new layer of makeup. If you applied a little too much Hoba, and your face looks shiny, don't worry, Hoba will absorb very quickly and any oily luster will disappear quickly.

Shaving with Hoba


Ladies, you can use that as well if you have sensitive skin or do not like the shaving aftermath of razor burn. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised to find a new favorite shaving method.


Ladies, you can use that as well if you have sensitive skin or do not like the shaving aftermath of razor burn. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised to find a new favorite shaving method.

Baby Care

For babies and adults alike, this completely hypo-allergenic wax ester will make skin soft and smooth. Apply a drop at a time all over body to slightly damp skin right after a shower or a bath. Hoba absorbs in no time and locks in the moisture. And because it is the closest in chemical composition to our skin sebum, it is makes it non-reactive. Even baby skin loves Hoba from day 1. Our kids grew up on Hoba and all our friends and customers swear by it. 

Hair Care

Hair Conditioner

It is easy to use Hoba after shampooing for extra shine and to protect hair follicles, allowing them to grow stronger. Add a few drops of Hoba (start with a very small amount, you can always add more), and using your fingertips work Hoba into the scalp (hair roots) and lengths of hair. You can add a couple of drops of Hoba to your favorite hair conditioner. Don't be afraid to experiment. You cannot go wrong with Hoba!

Beard Oil

Steam your beard in shower to allow Hoba to get into pores and make your beard soft and shiny (in a good way). And a bonus: Hoba has virtually no scent at all. If you prefer to add a scent, add a drop of your favorite essential oil to Hoba, which is a perfect carrier oil.

Split Ends Treatment

The only tip here is to apply Hoba on freshly washed slightly wet hair. Oils love water. Period. That is how they get absorbed and lock the moisture. Use Hoba and often as you like!

Hair Mask

We love and overnight mask, but you can do it over a few hours when you do not need to go anywhere. Warm up Hoba in a warm water bath (pour a few spoons of Hoba into a glass, and then put that glass into a bigger bowl with hot water). Do not directly warm up Hoba. NO MICROWAVE, NO STOVE!!! Wet your hair (you can do it in the sink) and apply Hoba starting with the scalp and hair roots and then work Hoba all the way through to the hair ends. Cover with a shower cap and even better with a small towel to keep hair slightly wet and warm. Shampoo and condition in the morning. Repeat when desired. Once a month or once a quarter is totally ok. You can add Katari Henna Oil or Katari Castor Oil to Hoba for extra luxurious treatment.

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Skin Hydrating

plant wax

1.0 oz | 30 mlREFILL 4.0 oz | 113 ml4.4 oz | 130 ml
46.00 USD

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These products go well together

with Hoba

Hoba is pretty awesome by itself. But oils even the ones like jojoba oil that are closer to waxes love water. Mixing 1 part Hoba with 3 parts of Roseau (rose water), will make an incredible DIY cleanser or moisturizing toner that is not oily - your skin will 'drink it up'. Hoba after Geran (geranium water) will heal skin and seal the moisture after a shower or after a shave. Hoba mixed 1:1 with Castor Oil will help cleanse pores and makes for a great hair or scalp treatment.