Black Castor Oil


Brow Serum
"We have seen great results for our clients trying to grow their brows back in using this oil - bonus, the thicker consistency has really helped my super dry skin in this winter season.." ~ Michelle | Owner @browsdenver | Brows on Upper 15

It is a common misconception that Castor Oil grows hair. It does not. What it does, it protects and moisturizes hair follicles, allowing them to get stronger, thus making them healthier. It adds to hair's ability to grow faster naturally. And, interestingly enough, it makes for an incredible pore cleansing oil and for a phenomenal winter skin rescue moisturizing oil.

Why use Castor Oil?

Since antiquity the cold-pressed oil of racine noir or black castor bean has been used for hair and skin treatments. It is a natural moisturizer that helps your hair follicles to get the nourishment and strength they need to grow healthier.

What is Castor Oil?

Black Castor Oil comes in many different colors and shades. One thing is constant - its thick, viscous consistency. Think of Black Castor as a bean that gets roasted similar to a coffee bean. Then it gets cold-pressed to extract the oil. Katari Black Castor Oil is 100% pure and cold-pressed from plants gathered from small organic farms in the Delta of the Nile in Egypt.

This is what Castor Oil does

protects hair follicles while allowing them to breathe

moisturizes scalp and hair and helps prevent dryness

great for textured hair and as a hair / brow serum for all

Castor Oil

lash & brow oil

moisturizing & growth enhancing

Black Castor Oil has been used since antiquity for variety of beauty rituals. Though there is no scientific evidence (no studies) to show actual benefits of Black Castor Oil on hair growth, many people swear by it. It takes 6-8 weeks of daily application to see consistent results. For hair follicles to re-grow, you need at least a month to complete a growth cycle.
  • thickens, strengthens and helps grow hair faster

  • increases blood flow to scalp, promoting hair growth

  • protects hair from breaking

  • reduces dry, itchy and flaky scalp issues
  • great moisturizing oil for beards

46.00 USD

Overplucked brows or lashes that need rehab?

reasons to fall in love

with castor Oil

  • moisturizing and protecting oil for hair

  • relieves scalp and hair dryness

  • rich moisturizer for dry and mature skin

  • protects hair follicles allowing for stronger growth

  • antibacterial and anti-fungal

  • helps fight acne and eczema

  • deep pore cleansing oil

  • rehabs overplucked brows

  • helps re-grow stronger and longer lashes

  • great for natural hair and skin tightness after braiding

Tips for Best Use

  • always аpply  Castor Oil on clean hair and skin

  • massage oil into skin to stimulate hair follicles 

  • be patient - results take weeks, not days

All you need to know about Castor Oil

Here is why you need this nourishing oil for hair and how to use it!

we have tips from beauty pros!

Best oils are crafted this way

You can feel good and safe about using Castor Oil. We source all our ingredients ourselves and follow the process from seeds to bottles, which we make as well. Our oils come from plants and seeds grown sustainably, from small organic farms and from soils not depleted, but naturally rich in sediments replenished by annual floods for millenia.

One ingredient with many benefits

  • great anti-acne & pore cleansing oil
  • prevents hair loss
  • allows for better hair and eyelash / eyebrow growth
  • great scalp and hair moisturizer
  • protects hair follicles allowing them to grow faster and stronger
  • for all skin types, great for highly textured hair

Moisturizing & protecting


46.00 USD

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Hair Protecting

Castor Oil

46.00 USD

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These products go well together

with CASTOR Oil

You can try Castor Oil for skin and hair by itself, or in combination with other ingredients. Castor works well for hair and actually also deeply cleanses skin pores. Argil green clay can be used instead of clarifying shampoo and to add volume to fine hair. Hoba, jojoba oil, can be added in equal portions to Castor Oil to make it a little less sticky and enhance conditioning and moisturizing effect. Henna Oil works just as effectively as Castor, and does not stain skin -it is also a great skin moisturizer in addition to helping add some healthy shine and moisture to your hair.