Belle Voyaj

Ancient Beauty Discovery Set | For Her - three versatile beauty staples for cleansing, priming, moisturizing, toning and keeping skin blemish-free. The set comes with handmade accessories for mixing & applying of masques.
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Ancient Beauty Discovery Set | For Her


This set has everything you need for a perfect and easy daily skin regimen with simple, vegan and preservative-free ingredients to


  • exfoliate
  • detox
  • cleanse
  • prime
  • tone, and
  • moisturize


Extremely versatile, addictive and simple single-ingredient beauty staples for naturally blemish-free and toned skin.


We want you to fall in love with Katari, plastic-free, pure, preservitive-free beauty, and ancient beauty staples to maintain healthy and clear beautiful skin simply and .... naturally.

What is Inside
How to Use Belle Voyaj

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