Mixing & wax application spatula sustainably handcarved out of olivewood - 2'5" long


Katari hand-carved olive wood spatula is tiny but mighty. Measuring 2.5" in length and staying super thin, it is VERY hardy.

Our spatulas are custom made using sustainable practices by Katari Artisans in the Mediterranean. Usually olive trees stop producing olives after a few decades and they are cut down to make incredible and long-lasting accessories. In their place, a new tree is already planted to continue the circle of life.

You can wash and sanitize your olive wood spatula with ease. Olive wood is extremely hardy and non-porous, which means that this type of wood does not swell when it is soaked in water. That is why olive wood is an amazing long-term accessory to have for all your beauty rituals.

Olive wood spatulas can be seasoned with olive oil (or Katari Hoba plant wax) to make them more shiny. Each newly made piece is delicately polished with olive oil to bring up the stunning natural pattern. And.... these spatulas are great to keep in the purse for travel - to eat ice-cream, feed babies, stir in some honey into your tea...

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