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Green clay, enriched with minerals from the ancient Mediterranean seabed is potent enough to single-handedly fight wrinkles, acne, cellulite and hair loss.
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Argil Green Clay has a powerful combination of micro-elements and trace minerals vital for repairing skin skin & hair cells.

Thousands of years ago the site where Argil is collected was covered by the Mediterranean Sea. Today - Argil is preserved under many feet of sand and hot sun of mountainous desert.

Mineral composition of Argil
effectively fights acne and blackheads

Argil normalizes sebum production in skin, shrinks pores, detoxifies skin, and due to its neutral pH-balance is suitable for any skin type.

Increase cell turnover and blood circulation with Argil and reduce appearance of cellulite

“Argil green clay helps normalize skin cells and intensely promotes blood circulation. Better blood circulation = less potential for stagnant fat cells and better looking smooth skin.”
To solve problem of water retention and poor blood circulation that lead to cellulite, you need a comprehensive approach that includes not only Argil, but also deep tissue massage, wrapping, exercise and diet.”
Kate , Founder | Katari

Cleanse scalp from dandruff and environmental toxins. Strengthen hair follicles and increase hair volume. Get rid of back acne.

Green clay is nature’s gift for our hair. Watered-down tonic made with 1 tsp of Argil and 4-5 oz of water be used instead of a shampoo to normalize oily hair or deeply cleanse and nourish any hair to promote growth and reduce hair loss.
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Quick Tips & recipes

Argil is impossible to misuse & very easy to benefit from. Here is how...
Natural Acne Treatment
Blackheads & Clogged Pores
Natural Detox & Anti-Aging
Slow Growing Hair | Hair Loss

We hand-extract Argil from ecologically clean, remote quarry

“Our green clay is extracted by the families who live near the quarry on a small farm hours away from civilization and internet. This remote area is pristine and untouched by human development, and so is our clay.”
Argil is extracted by hand from an open quarry without use of any machinery. After extracting it, we sun-dry clay and then mill it to fine powder. Before YOU meet Argil, it is placed in a beautiful handmade glass bottle. ”
Kate, Founder | Katari

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