Jet Setting Skin Kit

Jet Setting Kit

80.00 USD

three ingredients for staying red-carpet ready anywhere in the globe, naturally


Rose Water, Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Powder, Jojoba Seed Oil - fresh, naturally potent & preservative-free

80.00 USD
This trio makes packing your beauty regime a breeze. Hoba - naturally hypoallergenic, pH-neutral plant wax (oil) serves as makeup remover, cleanser, moisturizer, hair conditioner, hair styler, beard conditioner, and body moisturizer. Poudre de Barie exfoliating, collagen-boosting powder can be used as a scrub to keep your skin in perfect condition through climate changes and travel stress. Roseau, Mediterranean rose toner, prepares your skin for treatments and eliminates environmental pollutants - treat your skin to the best and most natural products no matter where you are!

When You Need This Kit?

when you travel too much and your skin cannot take a break

when you need a simple travel regimen that works

when you are in need for multi-tasking skin heroes

Daily Regimen with Jet Setting Skin KIt

Luckily these three ingredients are so simple, there is no regimen needed but still we can share a few helpful tips on how to use these ingredients at home and one the 'go'. You can use one, two, or all products in this kit, and as you explore each, you will decide how to best incorporate them into your personal ritual that works for YOU. Enjoy the decadent natural ingredients of the Mediterranean ancient beauty staples.

Jet Setting Skin Regimen

Tone & Refresh with Roseau

When we travel, we are often dehydrated and our skin, our biggest organ, is never happy about it. No one is ever drinking enough water when traveling. I know it first hand. Going to the bathroom when you are going through turbulence is not an option. Keeping your water intake to a minimum IS. LOL. 

So a spritz of rose water over hands, face, neck and hair will give you a lovely refresher with a combined moisturizing and (anti-bacterial) protecting benefit.

And when you are at your destination, rose water is wonderful to set your makeup and refresh you when you are jet-leg. And it is just a wonderful toner to keep skin lifted and balanced - we love using it just before our next super hero, Hoba Oil.

Moisturize, Cleanse & Smooth with Hoba Oil

Hoba Oil according to a lot of our customers in ONE ingredients they cannot live without and cannot travel without. We concur. If I had to pick ONE and ONLY ONE ingredient at all to take on all trips, it would be Hoba. Rose water can be easily replaced with regular water (minus the benefits). But you cannot replace Hoba and its talents when it comes to keeping skin hydrated, clean and clear.

You can use it as before-shave, after-shave, beard lube (for gents), hair conditioner, makeup remover, as hand, cuticle, body and face oil for all skin types and travel scenarios. You cannot misuse it and we simply cannot brag about it enough.

Hoba rocks! It does not go bad, does not get affected by light, sun or temperature. It is your one and only daily jet-setting hero!

Renew and Refresh with Barie Powder

Barie Powder is a little tricky to use by itself, as it has clumpy and somewhat oily consistency. This is why it is a great add-on to a green clay (Argil) masque if you pack Argil with you like we do on all trips. What can be better than scaring a hotel crew with your green face smiling silly at them as they deliver your food? 

Instead of Argil, you can use it as an exfoliant with Hoba Oil and it is perfectly enough.

Wet your face before you start mixing ingredients - it will be helpful when your hands become a temporary mixing bowl. Then take a pinch of Barie Powder and add a couple of drops of oil to your palm. Mix the two ingredients together and apply to your skin. Exfoliate with circular movements for a couple of minutes. Do not overexfoliate!

We prefer to do this in the shower, as skin is wet, warm and it feels amazing. Rinse and add more Roseau and Hoba to seal the moisture. Et voila! You are all new and ready to 'carpe' whatever you decide to 'carpe'!

An easy trio for glamorously radiant skin on the go

  • Roseau (rose) Water - pure, first distillation rose water (hydrosol) to use DAILY to balance skin pH, tone pores and slightly lift and smooth skin while hydrating and keeping skin from redness, rosacea and inflammation - 1 fl oz / 30 ml

  • Barie Powder - Prickly Pear Cactus Seed powder left from cold-pressing of our collagen-boosting super oil, Barie. It works as a collagen-boosting rich exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells and add healthy glow - 1 oz / 30 g

  • Hoba (Jojoba) Oil - pure cold-pressed Jojoba plant wax (oil). A hypoallergenic source of Vitamin E, Copper and Zinc. A perfect light moisturizer, primer, makeup remover, all thing hands, hair and skin for all. A totally indispensable multi-tasker! - 1.0 fl oz / 30 ml

Using the Kit

Watch this video and learn how to use each product in the kit for radiant and healthy skin any day, anywhere!

Tips & Tricks

Do not overexfoliate. Barie Powder is amazing but if you recently (within a week) had any exfoliating treatments or procedures that might have irritated your skin, stick to the gentle rose water and may we suggest, a very gentle daily moisturizer, like Katari Hoba Oil.

Rose water and Hoba Oil can be used daily in the morning and in the evening. And these two ingredients are perfectly enough for any trip long or short for all your skincare needs in the morning and at night.

You can cleanse your skin with a little mix of Rose water and Hoba Oil. Pour a dash of water and a few drops of Hoba on a cotton round together and cleanse your skin. Rinse with warm water and add more Hoba to seal the moisture.

Customer Reviews

While we wait for reviews for this kit, here is what our customers think about some of the products inside the Jet Setting Skin Kit:

  • balanced skin pH

  • improved skin texture

  • calmed skin redness

  • tightened pores

  • locked moisture

  • improved oily skin

Please share your photos & videos and successes using your kit!


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