Clay Rinse Geranium Cleanse, Castor & Henna Hair Rehab Oils

Hair Rehab Kit

4 staples for naturally gorgeous hair, brows & lashes

Introducing our limited edition kit for all things hair, brows and lashes with four single-ingredient beauty staples to rehab, regrow and revamp how your hair feels and looks. Dive into the benefits of each product and take advantage of our clearance sale - only 20 kits are available. We use discontinued packaging, and same fresh ingredients for you do discover the slow beauty rituals for hair.

Argil Green Clay: use as a 'muddy water' instead of a clarifying shampoo. Argil lifts off built-up from hair, cleanses deeply, absorbing all impurities and toxins, letting scalp breath. It infuses hair and skin with minerals to boost circulation and hair growth. And it doubles a hypoallergenic, pH-neutral facial masque for perfectly clear skin.

Geranium Moisturizing Water: use it to cleanse your brows and face before applying oils or any time to hydrate your skin for entire day. Geran soothes and balances the skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple, and revitalized. 

Black Castor Oil: apply to brows and top eyelid for 6-10 weeks every night with our hand carved olive wood applicator to see over plucked brow areas filling in and boosting healthy growth that does not stop when you stop using the oil. Castor doubles for a rich natural defense against acne. 

Henna Oil: green and dreamy, it is a hair moisturizing oil that adds depth, shine and protection to hair. And when used regularly helps boost hair growth. It does not stain skin or hair. It has subtle grassy scent, very different from the henna dye or paste used to color hair or skin.

What is inside the kit


How to use the kit


How to use this kit

Lashes: do not apply directly on lashes and do not use on lash extensions. Apply either Castor or Henna Oil daily for 6 to 10 weeks to the top eyelid only using our olive wood hand carved applicator. 

Brows: massage a small amount of Castor or Henna Oil with the olive wood applicator in the areas where hair is or where you would like hair to grow again (over-plucked areas). Massage it with the applicator as you apply to boost circulation. Do it every night for 6 to 10 weeks to see strong consistent results.

Hair: when hair is out, it is either healthy or damaged. You can cover up damaged hair but you cannot fix it. But you can cleanse your scalp with the muddied water to allow hair to grow better and faster. Take a teaspoon of clay, add to a glass of warm water and massage into wet hair roots. Then rinse and condition. You can follow up with a warm oil scalp treatment with either oil or with 50/50 of each. Repeat once a week.