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We traveled the world to assemble the simplest and most effective natural skin & hair care regimen proven by millenia.

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Why buy Katari products?

Natural simplicity in beauty is extremely complex when done right. We scouted the most remote parts of the Mediterranean to assemble a collection of unique and proven by millenea single-ingredient beauty staples and artisanal accessories for the purest, most effective and luxurious skin and hair care for all humans. Our 10 ingredients work incredibly well for all humans of all ages with all skin and hair types. 

How do we make them?

It took us years to form incredible working relationships with each artisan we currently work with to directly source our freshly cold-pressed oils, decadent flower waters, handpick clay from our proprietary remote quarry from the site on an ancient dried sea and make our hand blown glass, clay and sustainable olivewood accessories. We want to support ancient crafts, sustainable, plastic-free packaging and safer, more connected world.

Why the best of clean beauty stores choose Katari

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We took an effort and we did it without the money, funding, crowd-funding or anything at all. We made our handblown glass packaging in an effort to eliminate as much of the plastic packaging from the world of beauty and from our planet as possible.

We support dozens of glass makers in the Mediterranean. They make truly exquisite pieces.

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