1 fl oz | 30 ml6 ml | 0.2 fl oz SampleRefill 4.0 oz | 113 ml

Barie [buh-ree]

Barie Oil

the most powerful natural collagen-boosting, anti-aging oil, a source of complex Vit. E and tocopherols

One Ingredient:

100% prickly pear cactus seed oil (EU-organic certified cold-press process & wild-grown seeds)

1 fl oz | 30 ml6 ml | 0.2 fl oz SampleRefill 4.0 oz | 113 ml
Barie is a cold-pressed prickly pear cactus seed oil, super rich with Omega-3, 6, 9 and 12, all tocopherols and fatty acids, which make a very complex and powerful Vitamin E serum to plump skin and boost collagen production for naturally smooth and youthful skin. Use caution if you are sensitive to topical Vitamin E. Other than that, it is worth every cent and can replace an arsenal of anti-aging potions.

5 reasons to love 

Barie Oil

  • Barie (prickly pear cactus seed oil) is the ONLY oil (natural ingredient) known to cosmetologies to replace and rebuild collagen in skin

  • maintains skin moisture barrier & fights skin inflammation

  • natural source of Omega-3, 6, 9 and 12, all tocopherols and fatty acids for a complex and powerful Vitamin E serum

  • repairs skin cell damage due to free radical neutralizing gamma-tocopherols

  • keeps inflammation away and benefits acneic skin

Learn why Barie Oil is so prized

Getting addicted to good results is easy with this oil!

We listed what Barie Oil did for our customers and it can do it for you too!

  • I will never do without it

  • improved under eye fine lines in 2 weeks

  • worth the price

  • glowing soft skin

  • discoloration getting less noticeable

  • doesn't feel oily & doesn't break me out

"Everyone at the party kept saying that I can't possibly be 55 and that I must have had work done... I had to laugh. I use Barie as my eye moisturizer and my face oil morning and night.. that's it! I use my Guasha stone to push it into my skin at night and that is really all I do! I felt like I should have gotten that on tape for you.. it became comical".

 ~Michelle, owner of @beautyorganixea in NY who has been carrying Katari in her store for a few years now. She holds a PH.D. in Chemistry and is a clean beauty guru with her own line of incredible beauty products.

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Customer Reviews

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The Queen of Oils!

Simply put! I love this oil! I will never do without it. This oil has helped decreased the "eleven" between my eyebrows dramatically! It's worth every penny and I am very happy to have discovered KATARI. Thank you! :-)

Tracy, thank you so much for your review and for your support!

Katie Pagano Gerwitz
A Must Have

While I can’t decide on my favorite Katari product (because there are way too many), the Barie oil is essential to have on my counter. I have many friends who tell me my skin looks amazing, and I have to give credit to the Barie oil. It feels light and has positively improved my skin. 10 out of 10 a must have for your skin routine!

Katie, thank you so much! Barie is a Queen of oils for sure! :)


This stuff really is Botox in a bottle. I just turned 30 and have been getting some lines on my forehead and around my eyes and after using for a couple months on of the lines between my brows is completely gone, it vanished. The lines around my eyes are fading. I cannot say enough good things about Katari products. I have never found another company I was this devout to. Thank you, thank you!

We are so so grateful for your love, trust and support! And so excited you love Barie! It is truly a natural wonder and we are so excited to see how it is making a difference for you and others! Big hug and thank you again! ~ Kate

Nancy C.

I absolutely love Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil - my face feels so soft and I have noticed a difference in fine lines around my eyes in just 2 weeks. Best face product I've ever used - I'm so grateful to have discovered Katari Beauty!

And we are so grateful for you! Big hug from our entire Team Katari! :)

Plumper, juicier.

I initially bought the small flask of Barie oil, along with several other Katari products; I wasn't sure if the product would be worth the price. I decided it was, and I went ahead and bought the largest size available (and confession: I use ALL the Katari oils, on rotation).

In short, I've been using Barie oil for about a month at this point, and while I can't quite put my finger on what it is, I know my face skin looks better (just a bit plumper? juicier? I guess that's the best way I can put it). It's also a product that you "feel" it doing something while you wear it (a kind of mild heat or tingling, at least that's the way I experience the sensation).

I really do recommend using one Barie (and all the other oils) with a Katari toner/floral spray, it does helps distribute this and other Katari oils better on your face.

I love what this oil does for my face, and I love knowing that I am putting in rich, nourishing natural elements from a single-source, best-out-there product.

Why best estheticians use Barie!

Jessica @jmarieskinstudio, Esthetician of the Year 2000, talk about Barie and how she combines it with her modern skin treatments.

From the Ph.D & the Maker!

Watch this video to learn about the maker and the making of this Queen of Oils we treasure and love so much!

What makes Barie Oil so powerful?

EU-Organic Facility

Much more stringent than USDA Organic, the EU certification of the small plant ensures that you get the best of the best. And we only make small 'on demand' batches, so the oil is always fresh.

Seeds from Wild-Grown Plants

While you cannot certify a forest of wild prickly pear cacti, you can go and collect the prickly pears from one - first come first serve!

Unfiltered, Cold-Pressed Oil

Cold-pressing means the temperature does not ruin the vitamins and nutrients, but it also means the yield is very small. Instead of filtering, we let oil settle for over a month to only collect the clear oil.

Crafted by a Ph.D in Physics

we work with artisans who are also scientists. Being scientific in methods is as important as having an incredibly potent seed stock.

Did you know?

Did you know that it takes almost 8 tons of wild-grown fruit to get 10 million seeds, which make 1 quart (~ 1 liter of cold-pressed oil. It takes hundreds of hours of manual work to hand-pick the fruit, separate and dry the pulp, and then dry and and press the seeds. The oil concentration in the seeds is about 4% and only 50% of that oil is extracted, with the rest of the precious oil staying in the pressed core. We mill this core and use it as moisturizing, collagen-boosting exfoliant and a super boost to our Argil green clay masque - Barie Powder.

Tips on using Barie

Anti-Aging Routine

Start with a rose toner or geranium flower water and add a few drops of Barie oil. Without letting skin dry, massage the oil into skin or press it into skin using guasha. Repeat daily in the AM & PM.

Hands & Nails

Don't forget to treat your hands, so that they look as good as the rest of you! And it never hurts to have stronger nails - massage a few drops of Barie into cuticles for 6-8 weeks daily.

Tattoo Care

Barie is great at helping skin regenerate and rebuild. Try it as a tattoo after-care or for care for healing and diminishing scars.

Under Eye Care

The most delicate and prone to aging skin is under our eyes. Gently tap Barie oil under your eyes before going to sleep. Be careful not to get the oil into your eyes. Rinse with plenty of water if it happens.

Makeup Primer

Makeup artists who use Barie Oil love it as a primer before putting on a foundation or concealer. The makeup goes on smoothly and flawlessly. Barie is not a good makeup remover. For that you can try Hoba!

Products that complement Barie

To take best advantage of the benefits of Barie (prickly pear cactus seed oil), here are a few tips. You can use Barie in the morning and at night. Or you can use Hoba (a lighter primer / moisturizer) in the morning and Barie (more concentrated hard-working serum) at night. Always use oils on clean, slightly wet skin so that the oil seals the moisture. We love spraying face, neck and decolette area with Rose or Geranium flower waters and applying oils right after. This way you use much less product, the oils absorbs better and creates a better hydrating effect for skin. And don't forget hands. Spray a few drops of flower waters on your palms and work the rest of the oil into your hands.

We know, it is addictive!

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