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Henna Oil | 100% pure, cold-pressed oil for healthy brows, lashes & shiny hair

38 USD
Henna oil is cold-pressed from dried henna leaves. It is not stain hair or skin. It richly moisturizes hair follicles and helps keep hair (brows and lashes too) naturally healthy and beautiful
  • hair and scalp nourishing and moisturizing, helps reduce scalp dryness
  • enhances growth of lashes and eyebrows
  • wonderful skin moisturizer
  • does not stain or color skin or hair
  • all skin types

Then when you uncork our handmade glass amphorae bottle, you notice the light fragrant scent. If you are familiar with henna, you will be pleasantly surprised that its oil does not have an overpowering scent. It is very gentle, subtle and light. It is slightly grassy and slightly earthy, and the color is beautiful forest green.

Henna oil will enhance the color of red and brunette hair and promote natural growth and nourishment of hair follicles naturally and easily.

    One Ingredient: our Henna Oil is 100% single-ingredient, pure and unrefined.

    Katari Henna oil is not an ordinary oil. We source henna leaves from small farms in the Delta of the Nile and have this beautiful oil cold-pressed by our artisans in the Mediterranean.


    Henna Oil is very stable naturally. However, as with most products, this oil should be used fresh, within a few months after you purchase it to take advantage of the freshness of the oil and all benefits of its mineral and vitamins.

    All our oils are pressed on demand in tiny quantities. We do not stockpile oils and always have each batch prepared just in time for delivery. 


    The best ways to incorporate henna oil is when doing henna brows or caring for natural eyebrows and eyelashes for scalp and hair treatments.

    Brow and Eyelash Routine with Henna Oil:

    • Dip our olive wood oil applicator (a sustainable hand-carved applicator is included with your oil) into the bottle and apply carefully on the roots of the brows, eyelash line similar to using eyeliner

    Scalp and Hair Routine with Henna Oil: 

    • apply a small amount of oil on the hair roots, scalp and throughout wet hair. Use as masque for 20-40 minutes and wash off with gentle shampoo and condition after with a drop of Henna Oil and / or Hoba oil
    • as an option, you can apply just a few drops and leave the oil in. It will absorb if you use a small amount and apply directly on wet hair
    • dab a small amount of oil into skin at the roots of the hair and spread massaging the oil around; keep oil in; wash when and if needed
    • if you have highly textured hair, you might need slightly more oil than if your hair is fine and straight. Do not be afraid to experiment. Worst case, your hair will love it and will be very shiny; and the very worst case, you might need to shampoo it at some point :)

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