Rosehip Oil + Rose Toner =

ageless you

Roses revive skin of any age

rosehip oil + Rose Toner

You can use this combination of products for your daily skincare routine both AM and PM. In the morning after shower spray some rose water toner and before skin dries apply a few drops of Rosehip Oil and massage for a couple of minutes with circular upward movements. It will not only increase efficasy of the products but also will stimulate blood flow to the skin surface and help with skin regeneration. And face and neck massage are so perfect to tone our muscles and prevent wrinkles and skin sagging. Repeat the same before bed. Daily. 

Pure, cold-pressed rosehip oil in a hand-blown glass amphora - 1 fl oz / 30 ml
1 oz | 30 mlTester 0.02 oz | 6 mlRefill 4.0 oz | 113 ml

Rotate your night serums for best results!