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Estheticians would tell you a regular MASQUE IS A MUST, this is why they would insist on you having regular facials. There is a good reason for it. Most of us just do not do a good job or good enough job cleansing and nourishing skin. As a result we leave the well-being for our most presentable asset, face, to chance...

Let's correct it!

Would I suggest you go see a professional and have someone who LOVES all things skincare create a plan for your natural aging? An absolute yes! Does it mean you need to be there everyday? No. We have not time or funds for it no matter how much we would all love to be pampered.

best spa treatments with Katari Argil Green Clay Sbeitla Tunisia

But most if not all estheticians tell you that if you go for a facial once a month and then go on to buy a face cream and a masque at a 'Walgreens' (sorry, Walgreens, using it here in a generic sense), you are negating all the hard work they did at putting your skin on a track for radiance and well-being.

As a brand owner who cares about how my clients (spas and estheticians) view and can incorporate my products, I want to make sure they have a product they can rely on, professionally be proud of (because of amazing results), and never have to be ashamed of for any reason. ANY at all. This leads me to my favorite product and a work horse of Katari product line when it comes to professional usage - Katari Argil Green Clay Masque.

Katari Agil Green Clay Hypoallergenic Anti-Acne Facial Masque

I will talk about the ingredient that makes this masque so special and unique separately - I have so much love and appreciation for this ingredient that I need volumes to get just some of the information transferred to 'paper'. Right now I will only address the benefits of masques in general and Katari Argil Green Clay Masque in particular.

Here are few things I learned along the way, working with the best in esthetics at JMarie Skin Studio, and Brows15, just to name a few:

1. Masques do not start at forehead and end at the chin - extend that to neck and decolette; and if you can, under your armpits too, hitting spots for lympthatic drainage. An all body 'masque' / wrap or a bath with minerals that have same ingredients as a masque conducted by sea salt is even better!

2. Couple masques with massage to generate better blood flow, which actually helps cellular turnover and reduces issues like cellulite. Blood flow is good. Get it going!

3. Masque is a medium for feeding skin. Properly done, it can function to cleanse, detox, moisturize, hydrate, revitilize and nourish skin. 

masque mixing accessories for Katari Argil Green Clay Masque

While a professional can make sure you get as many benefits of a masque as possible and will customize your ingredients and nourishment based on your skin needs, you can do a lot of upkeep and weekly maintainance yourself. Saying, I do not have time is not an excuse. And that is coming from me, a Mom of a very energetic 3-year old baby-boss. :)

When choosing a facial masque, go for the one that can deliver as many benefits to your skin without hurting skin sensitivities or filling skin with non-essential non-active ingredients.

Here is what a good masque might do for you:

1. Deeply cleanse skin and allow it to breathe better⁠⠀
2. Increase cellular turnover, which helps rejuvenate skin⁠⠀
3. Detox skin, helping skin get rid of environmental pollutans and fight damage and ageing caused by free-radicals⁠⠀
4. Increase moisture barrier protection⁠⠀
5. Get rid of dead skin that is sitting on top of the skin, not letting your skin to breath and renew⁠⠀
6. Replenish minerals and nourish skin to keep it healthy and glowing⁠⠀
7. Improve skin tone and texture⁠⠀
8. Shrink pores⁠⠀
9. Improve skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis by fighting bacteria and normalizing skin cell cycle⁠⠀
10. Draw excess oils for oily skin and balance dry skin⁠⠀



I know this sounds like a lot of stuff to do for one masque. However, Argil [arr-zheel] is not a simple facial masque. It is a combination of hundreds of trace minerals that came from primordial sea. Learn more and see for yourself!⁠⠀

So, if you are looking for a simple masque that will do it all, give Katari Argil Green Clay masque a try. I personally spent over 10 years to find a green clay with this chemical composition and now our team hand-extracts this clay from a tiny quarry deep in the Atlas Mountains of the Mediterranean Tunisia. And I am proud to say that as estheticians add my Katari Argil Green Clay to their procedures they stop using any other clays at a minimum and reduce number of other ingredients they use too. This clay does A LOT!

picking of katari argil green clay for our facial masque

Just read what Michelle, owner of Brows on Upper 15, a guru of skincare with 30-year experience, and love for single-ingredient esthetics said about our facial masque with Katari Argil:


"I've been a clay fanatic for years, and always alternated for my clients between ones with more drying power to absorb oil and deep clean, and those with a higher mineral content for conditioning. Argil has replaced 4 clays for us! (french green, rhassoul, kaolin, and blue) When we use Argil, it refines the surface, draws out deep oil deposits (blackheads), and leaves the skin soft and supple. It really is our workhorse and pleasant to work with." ~ Michelle, Brows on Upper 15th, Denver


The best way to apply a masque in a spa setting is under steam to let minerals in the masque to do their job penetrating deep into pores. 


application of green clay masque from Katari


At home, as a busy Mom, I quickly mix 1 teaspoon of Argil green clay with warm water and apply to slightly wet skin just before jumping in the shower. I do my washing and rinse the masque last. And when I get out of the shower with skin as smooth as my toddler's, I moisturize skin with Katari Hoba oil and then do all my other makeup application if this is what I need to do.


For $22 you get about 5-6 masques, a stunning refillable handblown glass container and for $68 you can get a gorgeous mixing kit, Melanj, meant to last.



Masques are VERY important for daily skin maintainance. But it is even more important to use good stuff. If you can use it on your kids, as I am, you can be sure that it is something that will do good for anyone!

Big hug and mask on!

~ Kate

having a spa day in Sbeitla Tunisia with Katari Argil green clay masque

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