Dirt that Eats Dirt or Cleansing 101

Ok, I am a minimalist. I cannot do complex things to look good. I cannot follow lengthy protocols. Dang, I cannot even follow a simple recipe while cooking. Truth.

 natural look after 35

In addition, I have a heck of a schedule, an international business, and a 3-year old. ARGGH. What skin cleansing, right? 

So what works for people like me who operate on a zombie like sleep and down-time deprived schedule, traveling through time zones and impossible committments?

Let me get into what works for me without any further adue. There are two single-ingredient product - Green Clay (Katari Argil) and Jojoba Oil (Katari Hoba).

cleansing and moisturizing primer jojoba oil

If I am to pick two most hard-working skincare ingredients in beauty, they will be  Argil and Hoba, or Katari Green Clay and Jojoba Oil. Like proverbial snake oil, those two tackle most things you need to do in order to cleanse the skin. AND.... they both are 

  1. hypoallergenic NATURALLY
  2. pH-neutral NATURALLY
  3. non-comedogenic NATURALL

You know what those items above (1-3) mean? Oh, I am so excited to tell you!!! 

It means that Hoba and Argil are naturally neutral to skin and are perfect for ANY skin type, even most sensitive. They will not irritate. They will not clog pores. They will not flare up acne. They will actually cleanse, detox, moisturize, hydrate, and nourish skin and help it stay clean and blemish-free aka CLEAN.

Here are the reason why those two single-ingredient products work:

Hoba (jojoba plant wax) - is very similar to our skin sebum and makes an incredible cleanser. Use it as you would use a cleanser with a cotton round to remove any makeup daily.

cleansing masque with jojoba and green clay


Argil (green clay) - literally eats dirt from your skin surface and expells excess oils, toxins, and any blackheads or whiteheads. Argil is not necessary to use daily. Just 2-3 times a week. Apply Argil just before shower and rinse last (and then moisturize with Hoba). Read about Argil and its chemistry here to be amazed at what this single-ingredient product can do.

mixing of green clay masque for deep skin cleansing

If you, like many of us, cannot stand products that irriate skin and you also do not have time for BS (surprise!), get 2 things that work - Argil and Hoba and you will not go back. These two staples will not set you behind financially, as just a small bottle will last you months. But the pleasure you will get from skin that smiles and glows in delight is priceless!


~ Kate

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