One Ingredient: Argil green clay is naturally pH-neutral - 7.24, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic green clay from the Atlas Mountains in Mediterranean Tunisia.

It took us over a decade to trace a clay with this chemical composition. It is not a typical clay. Naturally pH-neutral and not reactive even for most sensitive skin, Katari Argil has extreme pulling power for drawing out impurities, black heads and clearing skin of excess oils and acne. Its mineral composition is packed with minerals that work on a cellular level to help regenerate skin and balance it out whether it is dry or oily.


Not just one mineral but a particular combination of them acts within Argil and makes it the best natural clay you can possibly find and use.

Here are some of the minerals that make Argil:

  1. Magnesium (Mg) – is vital for repairing and maintaining healthy body cells. Magnesium is an essential mineral linked to hundreds of metabolic processes within the body, affecting among other things nucleic acid production (DNA, RNA), which promotes regeneration of cells. Magnesium has an ability to cleanse your skin and detoxify the entire epidermis. Allergic reactions can be relieved or eliminated with the help of Magnesium. Magnesium enhances the natural hydration of your skin and encourages the production of collagen already present in your skin cells.

     2. Calcium (Ca) – does a lot to keep your skin cells going:

  • Regulates cell division, shedding off dead cells and encouraging new cell production
  • Stimulates healthy skin color through pigment control
  • Preserves moisture barrier to reduce dryness and increase in cell regeneration
  • Responsible for production of age-defying and cancer-fighting antioxidants
  • Positively affects nervous system, providing a calming effect

Calcium does a fine job preventing damage to the cell structure, fighting premature aging, developing resistance to wrinkles and skin cancer through its links to antioxidant production.

  1. Iron (Fe) – absorbed in the blood stream, this mineral helps transport oxygen to skin and hair, working together with Ca and Mg toward healthy hair growth. Iron in conjunction with other minerals found in Argil helps maintain hair color (slows down loss of pigments leading to grey hair) and prevents hair loss. Iron is also instrumental in promoting good skin tone.
  1. Gypsum (CaSO4) – another name for hydrous calcium sulfate - allows Argil to glitter, but not only. Gypsum clay masques have been used all over the world for many years to rid skin of acne. Although humans don’t have a need for Gypsum as a mineral supplement on its own, this element aids all others in the Argil’s composition to make it an even stronger agent to fight skin and hair problems.
  1. Organic Matter (aka good stuff) – decomposed organic plant and other calcium-laden matter from the ancient sea floor gives Argil its distinct color together with Iron Oxides (Iron enriched with Oxygen), which is very similar to the Dead Sea minerals and provides dozens of trace minerals for skin and hair nourishment.
  1. Acidity (pH) – Green Clay has a 7.26 pH-balance, which is acidity level closest to human blood. Products with pH significantly different from our skin contribute to proliferation of acne bacteria and other skin problems. Argil is neutral and nonreactive to skin, which helps rid skin of various problems by naturally balancing it.


Katari Green Clay or Argil naturally comes in dry chunks, which we collect by hand from our exclusive mountain quarry. Once collected, we sun dry it under hot desert sun.

We don’t add anything to Argil to make it better – it is naturally clean, pure, vegan and preservative-free. It is perfect ‘as is’. The only thing we do to Argil after it is dried is mill it for the convenience of your use and ease of packaging.

The fine powder has the same properties as the chunks. If you are so inclined as to use Argil in its natural ‘chunky’ state, please e-mail us and we will be happy to send you a sachet of dry chunks of Argil instead of a jar with a fine powder. It works just as well and it actually fun.

Storage & handling

It is indestructible. Storing dry unmixed Argil (green clay) is very easy. It is not affected by light or temperature. It just loves sitting in an air-tight container, preferably glass (just the way you get it from us). 

Argil will absorb smells and moisture out of the air if left uncapped. 

Please discard used and unused mixed clay mixture. If it is used, it already absorbed all kinds of impurities and toxins. And if it is not used, it is rather hard storing mixed batches, as Argil will dry out too quickly. It is much faster and easier to mix 1 tiny spoon of Argil powder fresh for each masque or spot application when needed.

Mixing tips

Argil contains Iron, a mineral instrumental for blood supply to skin cells, which means that using metal accessories to mix Argil masques is not advisable, as metals will react to each other and will change chemistry of the masque. Please use Katari non-metal sustainable utensils or other non-metal utensils to avoid oxidation.