How to Use Black Castor Oil

Written by Kate Fish - Published on September, 2023

How to use Castor Oil

How to use Castor Oil for slow hair growth, over-plucked brows & lashes that need rehab.

Castor Oil or Black Castor Oil has been used since antiquity to help with skin and hair issues. It is even known to help grow hair. But is it true? And if it is true, how long does it take and how do you use it to achieve the best results?

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Overnight Miracles are Not Common but Strong Results are!

Black Castor Oil actually does not grow hair. So what does it do and why many claim that Black Castor or Castor Oil grows hair? Castor Oil moisturizes, nourishes and protects hair follicles. This allows hair follicles to get stronger. And stronger hair follicles by default result in healthier and faster hair growth. And when hair is not dry and scalp is well conditioned, hair also grows better. Castor Oil also helps awaken hair follicles and this along with stronger growth results in more volume. So hair growth is a wonderful side effect from other incredible benefits of Castor Oil. Before we get to how to use Castor Oil, let's explore who can benefit from it - what types of hair (and skin) issues does Castor Oil address. 

Brittle, dry hair: self-explanatory, do not need to waste 'ink' here. If you have dry hair you will know it. And it often comes with dry itchy scalp, dandruff and split hair ends. 

Brows & Lashes in need of rehab: 20 years ago thin brows were a thing and I am as guilty as many of us for waxing and overplucking my naturally thick brows. Now that natural, thick brows are in vogue, I got none to brag about. And after two pregnancies, the brows are just not growing any more. I am happy about the mustache not coming back, but not so happy about the brows situation. Same with the lashes - mascara, fake lashes, extensions - we do a lot to the poor lashes and sometimes we just need to help them get back to looking long and beautiful again.

Slow hair growth and hair loss: Regrowing hair after medical treatments, growing hair for those with textured hair might be a lengthy process. And when hair just starts shedding, it is not fun at all for ladies or gents. For gents, we say bold is beautiful, but the migration of hair to the back can be at least slowed down. And for some of that migration you can blame hormones, even Castor Oil cannot help there.

Acne and blackheads: Shockingly I need to dedicate a fair portion of this article to talking about Castor Oil for acne and clean pores. 

1. How to use Black Castor Oil for dry & brittle hair

Dry and brittle hair is a side effect of something else and the root cause of brittle hair needs to be dealt with. Here is from the hair expert, Olga, an owner of Kudri Hair Salon in Denver. "The hair treatments sold over the counter and professional hair treatments do not actually help fix hair. They help glue broken hair together to make it look smooth and feel healthy. The best way to deal with hair that is already unhealthy is to cut it off and work on treating and conditioning scalp and hair roots to enhance healthy growth.

Olga is Katari's resident hair expert. She spent over 20 years working in esthetics and in hair styling after graduating from a college in Europe, where esthetics and hair is a 5-year college degree, not a 6-weeks course.

Here is how we would use Black Castor Oil for a hair treatment. We love using Castor Oil on hair a warm oil treatment once a week for 2 or 3 months for 20-30 minutes. That is enough to get a benefit and see an effect.

Hair Masque tips from Olga: to get a benefit from an oil treatment or any hair treatment, make sure to wash your hair before each treatment. Do not apply any hair treatments or oil treatments on unwashed, dirty hair or hair that has styling products in it. The best way to make sure you hair is clean is to use a volumizing shampoo, as it has ability to cleanse deeply (in addition to creating volume). And you really want to get rid of all the mechnical build-up on your hair before treating it. 

All you need to do is warm up some Castor Oil in water bath (by pouring 2-3 tbsps of oil into a tall glass and putting this glass inside of a bowl of hot water for a few minutes, letting the oil to warm up). Do not microwave or use stove to heat the oil. When oil is warm to touch but not hot you can use a brush (a masque brush) or fingers to apply the oil to the wet roots of your hair. Wear something you can easily take off when you are ready to rinse you hair. Have a towel around your shoulders if you want to make sure that no oil gets on the carpet or areas around you. It is easy enough to contain it all and not make a mess, but here are just some tips from experience. 

We suggest keeping your hair under a shower cap for your hair warm and for Castor Oil to continue doing its work. After 20-30 minutes rinse the oil with warm water in the shower. Shampoo and condition as usual. It could take a few shampoos to get the oil rinsed out. Lather well and condition well. You can add a dash of Henna or Hoba Oil or Pomegranate Seed Oil to seal the moisture and to add some shine and extra conditioning to your hair.

Olga suggests not having an overnight oil treatment as it does not add more benefits and suggests to always dry hair (preferably air dry) before going to bed.

2. Castor Oil to Rehab Brows and Lashes

Michelle, an owner of Brows on Upper 15, @browsdenver, is a firm advocate for slow beauty. She shares her insights on how to effectively use Black Castor Oil as a remedy to naturally rehabilitate and grow lashes and brows. Michelle has been doing brows before brows were 'cool' and she is the guru when it comes to natural and beautiful brows and lashes. According to Michelle, "Many pharmaceutical and over-the-counter lash and brow growth products contain an active ingredient called Bimatoprost. While these products can show relatively quick results by altering the natural growth cycle, they have a downside. If you discontinue their use, the brow and lash hairs revert back to their previous state."

According to Michelle, 'Slow Beauty' creates long-lasting effects. "Castor oil has immediate cosmetic effects, providing sheen and control, especially to laminated brows. It locks in moisture, enhancing the health and strength of each hair. But its real beauty lies in its long-term effects."

This is how Michelle would use Black Castor Oil on brows: "Apply Castor Oil sparingly to the root area and distribute evenly to the ends. The oil is quite viscous and has a medium to low pH, so not much is required. It's easier to distribute over a slightly damp lash and brow area." She suggests combing through some Roseau (Katari Rose Water) first, then dabbing a tiny amount of Castor at the root area, as many of the benefits originate from skin absorption.

"Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These characteristics can help improve scalp health and promote hair growth," explains Michelle. "Ricinoleic acid is thought to reduce inflammation and increase circulation to the hair follicle, thus allowing the follicle to do its hair-building magic more effectively. Brushing the brows and lashes can physically stimulate circulation as well, doubling up the effect. The antimicrobial properties of castor oil also help prevent breakout and inflammation, making it an all-around beneficial treatment for lashes and brows."

And for lashes, the same concept as above applies, but you do not need to apply Castor Oil to your lashes directly. Only apply a thin layer on the top eyelid. Do not massage or rub it in. Just leave it on. Since Castor Oil is thick in consistency, using it at night might be a good idea. And as with all natural ingredients, please stay patient, give it time and you will see the results.

3. Slow Growth and Hair Loss

The root cause of hair loss might be more than skin deep. It can be your nutrition, stress level, hydration, internal medical conditions and so much more. While natural ingredients like Castor Oil are not suitable replacements for medical advice and professional help to tackle the actual issue that causes your hair to be unhappy, it can still provide some relief and help with re-growing stronger and healthier hair faster once you know what the culprit for the hair misadventures is. Remember, it is healthy to trim your hair - you cannot fix the broken hair. 

Using Black Castor On Hair

Step 1: Assemble All Accessories, Warm up Oil, Slightly Wet Your Hair

Suggested tools and accessories: a towel, hot water bath accessories (bowls, glass), shower cap, Castor Oil, masque brush, hair brush.

Step 2: Apply Castor Oil to Roots, Scalp and Hair Lengths

Part hair and apply Castor Oil to scalp and hair roots and smooth the rest of the oil over the lengths of the hair. Cover hair with a shower cap. 

Step 3: Keep for 20-30 minutes and rinse.

Rinse, shampoo, condition and repeat the treatment a few more times. Repeat Castor Oil treatments monthly once you start seeing healthier hair growth.

Use Castor Oil for 6-8 weeks once or twice a week as a warm oil bath (warm oil scalp conditioning treatment) leaving oil on your hair roots overnight. Wash your hair before an oil treatment to make sure the scalp is clean so that the oil can penetrate into the skin and hair follicles and help re-activate and nourish them. Using a shower cap over your hair and a towel over your pillow will be essential to keep the oil on your hair, keep the hair slightly wet and warm and to avoid the oily mess. Rinse with warm water and your favorite shampoo and condition as usual. Remember, give your hair some time. Everything takes time and strong results will follow if you keep doing what is best for your body. And also consistency matters a lot!

4. Castor Oil for Acne & Blackheads

An unlikely ingredient that not too many people know, Black Castor Oil can be used to clear skin of blackheads. It goes deep into the pores and brings up comedones, little hard particles trapped in the skin. Here is how to use Castor Oil to deeply cleanse pores and help skin rid of blackheads and minimize acneic bacteria. To take advantage of the cleansing superpowers of the Black Castor Oil, all you need to do is to slightly wet your face (it will make it a little bit easier), and apply a small amount of oil to your fingertips. Massage skin for 5-7 minutes in circular motion with your fingertips until you feel little sand-like tiny grains form under your fingertips. Those are the comedones and all the yucky stuff leaving your pores. Pretty easy, eh? Then just rinse your face with warm water and apply your favorite daily moisturizer, like Katari Hoba Oil.

You can repeat this process weekly. No need for a daily Castor Oil cleanse. If your have drier skin, you can use 100% Castor Oil. If your skin is more oily, you can mix Castor Oil with Katari Hoba Oil - it will make the application a little bit easier, as Castor Oil is very viscous and thick. But do not let the consistency of the oil deter you from using it - it is amazing!

What is Black Castor Oil?

Let's start with the magic beans of Ricinus Communisep or Ricine Noir or Black Castor Oil. Castor Oil comes from a bean that is rich in anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory Ricinoleic (fatty) acid. The pretty light brown bean has a brittle beige shell. When the bean is harvested, it is actually poisonous (if you ingest it). So, if you stumble across a lovely field of castor plants, do not eat them.

But when those beans are roasted, similar process to roasting coffee beans, and cold-pressed into a thick, viscous oil, the poison is no longer there. So don't get scared. It is safe to use externally. Still we do not recommend snacking on Black Castor Oil. I wonder though who was the first person said, let me roast this bean and see if that makes it less deadly. LOL!

We know a bit about Black Castor Oil because we source it directly from the farms in the Egypt's Nile Delta. It is one of the special places on Earth where organic farming is actually still very organic. The rich sediments from the central Africa flow north to flood the lands in Lower Egypt, keeping this soil one of the most fertile on Earth. Plants that grow there are naturally filled with vitamins and microelements that are not as powerful elsewhere. If you want to know more about what and how we source, you might want to read more of our articles and watch our videos. It is not easy, but this is the only proper way to get the full story.

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Castor Oil Benefits

  • Protects Hair

  • Stimulates Hair Follicles

  • Reduces Hair Dryness

  • Moisturizes Skin & Hair

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