1 oz | 30 mlTester 0.02 oz | 6 mlRefill 4.0 oz | 113 ml
45.00 USD

Castor [kus-tor]

Black Castor Oil

hair & brow enriching & pore purifying oil great for textured hair, braiding, deep pore cleansing

One Ingredient:

100% pure, cold-pressed black castor oil

1 oz | 30 mlTester 0.02 oz | 6 mlRefill 4.0 oz | 113 ml
45.00 USD
Unearth the ancient secrets of beauty with our Katari Black Castor Oil. This time-honored elixir, cherished for its phenomenal healing powers, is your go-to solution for rejuvenating skin, enhancing lashes and brows, and promoting hair growth. Black Castor Oil is a pure marvel, cold-pressed from the finest racine noir or black castor beans. These precious beans are organically grown in the fertile Delta of the Nile in Egypt, handpicked by local farmers who have mastered the art of cultivation over generations.

This natural moisturizer is a follicle's best friend, nourishing each strand from root to tip with essential nutrients for robust growth. Castor Oil does NOT grow hair, but it envelopes hair roots in its protective and nourishing cover, protecting them and leading to stronger growth.

5 reasons to love Black Castor Oil

  • A versatile beauty essential, Katari Beauty's Black Castor Oil moisturizes and protects hair and skin, relieving dryness and promoting stronger growth.

  • With its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it combats skin issues like acne and eczema while providing deep pore cleansing.

  • Ideal for rehabbing over-plucked brows, it encourages the regrowth of thicker, healthier hair.

  • Enhance your lashes with our oil that aids in growing them longer and stronger.

  • Perfect for natural hair care, it provides relief to scalp after braiding, delivering a moisturizing and hair protecting effect.

What Our Customers Think About Castor Oil

This oil is not just for hair, brows and lashes, it is a perfect skincare ingredient too!

We listed what Black Castor Oil has done for our customers.

  • helps with black circles & puffy eyes

  • noticed brow growth

  • alleviated skin dryness in winter

  • reduces scalp and hair dryness

  • clears whiteheads and deeply cleanses pores

  • helps reduce acne inflammation

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best beard oil!!

Recently got a few more of the tester oils to give to friends to try. Got the castor oil for my boyfriend and his beard looks AMAZING. It’s so soft! He says it feels so light on his face now. If you have textured hair it’s really good for this. Going to buy the full size after writing this review.

martha c.
Castor oil

I remember my grandmother used to put caster oil on my eyelashes when I was a little girl. I thought it was something she invented because I never heard of it again until I found Katari, and now I discovered that it also helps with dark circles and puffy eyes since I started using again. Thanks Katari!

This is amazing to know because we have not used it this way! Thank you so much for sharing! Big hug! ~ Kate

Shelby L.
LOVE, per usual

Honestly, if you aren't using Katari products, you really need to reevaluate your life choices. These products will change your life.


Michelle D
Brow Serum

We have seen great results for our clients trying to grow their brows back in using this oil-
bonus, the thicker consistency has really helped my super dry skin in this winter season.

Michelle, thank you so much! So wonderful to know how great it is for you and your cients! ~ Kate

Learn more about black castor oil

Watch our video on how to use Black Castor Oil for your brows and lashes and see the magic castor beans! 

Watch how we cold-press our oils

This video shows Black Seed Oil being cold-pressed, but the process is the same for all oils, including amazing Black Castor Oil.

What makes Katari Castor Oil extra special!

Cold-Pressed Pure Goodness

The yield is pretty small when you cold-press dried seeds, but the result is a phenomenally rich oil that preserved all of its nutrients.

From the Richest Soil

Mineral-rich sediments gather in the Delta of the Nile to make the most fertile soil on Earth. This is where our black castor beans grow and soak up sun and minerals.

Real Organic Farming

It is illegal and also cost prohibitive to use chemicals in Egypt. The land is the natural treasure and it is actually perfectly fertilized naturally by the mighty Nile.

Small Batch & On Demand

Katari artisans perfected the craft of small batch and only press small quantities of oil for us on demand. This ensures you always get the freshest oil at its peak.

Tips on using Castor

For Brows & Lashes

  • to rehab over-plucked brows, apply with our hand-carved olivewood applicator daily to areas where hair ISand where hair growth is desired (over-plucked or thinned out areas)

  • massage the oil into skin to stimulate hair follicles

  • for lash rehab, apply to the top eyelash line only

  • avoid direct contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water if irritation occurs

  • avoid direct contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water if irritation occurs

  • repeat daily (before going to bed) for 6 to 8 weeks to see results

For Hair

  • on wet hair, massage a few drops into scalp and let absorb (if Castor Oil consistency is too think for you, you can always add a few drops of carrier oil, like Katari Hoba, pure jojoba oil)

  • on dry hair as hot oil treatment (warm up oil in a little bowl in the bigger bowl of hot water), do not microwave or heat oil on the stove, massage into hair roots and ends and over entire length of hair, keep under a cap for 30 minutes and rinse

  • overnight scalp treatment - before bed apply to scalp and hair roots, cover with a shower cap (maybe place a towel over pillow), wash (shampoo) in the morning

For Skin

  • if you have not tried it yet, Black Castor Oil is phenomenal natural cleanser for your pores

  • put a few drops on clean, slightly wet warm skin and massage in circular motion for at least 5 minutes

  • when you can feel little grainy bumps under your fingertips, you are done - these are comedones leaving your skin!

  • rinse with warm water and moisturize with Katari Hoba Oil after applying a decadent pore refining Rose Water (Roseau) or hydrating Geranium (Geran)

  • repeat 1-2 times a week or as needed

always аpply Castor Oil on clean hair and skin

massage oil into skin to stimulate hair follicles 

be patient - results take weeks, not days

Other products that are amazing for hair!

You can try Castor Oil for skin and hair by itself, or in combination with other ingredients. Castor works well for hair and actually also deeply cleanses skin pores. If you would like to give your scalp and hair a super clean start, mud some warm water with Argil green clay and use it instead of a clarifying shampoo. Then you can treat hair with an oil, like Hoba, Henna or Castor to moisturize and protect the roots and work on getting a stronger growth. Hoba, jojoba oil, can be added in equal portions to Castor Oil to make it a little less sticky and thick and enhance conditioning and moisturizing effect. Henna Oil works just as effectively as Castor, and does not stain skin -it is also a great skin moisturizer in addition to helping add some healthy shine and moisture to your hair.

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