1 fl oz | 30 mlTester 0.02 oz | 6 mlRefill 4.0 oz | 113 ml

Granate [gruh-nut]

Granate Oil


delicious, natural source of protecting and anti-aging Vitamin C, best for oily & sun damaged skin

One Ingredient:

100% pure, cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil

1 fl oz | 30 mlTester 0.02 oz | 6 mlRefill 4.0 oz | 113 ml
Granate, or Pomegranate Seed Oil imparts the tantalizing, delicious smell of the organically grown pomegranates. The Vitamin C rich Granate boasts impressive free-radical fighting and antioxidant properties. It naturally balances skin pH and helps repair environmental damage in skin cells, slowing down premature skin aging. It is great for oily and acne-prone skin. Granate Oil is perfect for daily use to reduce sun spots and smooth fine wrinkles.

5 reasons to fall in love with Granate Oil

  • A natural source of Vitamin C to fight free radicals that cause premature skin aging

  • Replenishes skin with minerals and boosts collagen production, reduces appearance of wrinkles and helps lighten scars

  • Balances out pH of the skin to keep skin clear & blemish-free

  • Natural antioxidant to calm skin inflammation

  • Protects hair from environmental damage and adds shine (smooth a few drops over wet hair before drying it)

Why Our Customers Love Granate Oil

Granate smells delicious and is does a lot to protect & revitalize skin.

We listed some of the skin concerns that Granate addressed for our customers.

  • keeps my face hydrated & soft

  • smells SO good...

  • feels so light on my skin and absorbs quickly

  • helps balance my (& husband's) skin

  • lightweight oil staple after exfoliation

  • my skin feel flawless

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Feel light and smells so good. My skin is happy with this oil.

Kris Vaughn
In love ❤️

I bought the oil on vacation in Colorado at a spa thinking I would give it a try and it was probably just be another oil for my face but I Absolutely fell in love with the stuff ...makes my skin feel so smooth ,helps with my sun damaged skin. It is so lightweight and smells amazing !!! I can't live without it !

perfect for sensitive skin

I’ve found most heavier oils I can only make the best of for specific uses, as I have really sensitive skin. Granate has become my go-to! It’s so light and glides on the skin and removes redness immediately. It absorbs into the skin so well and I would say personally, it’s a close second to jojoba oil on pore tightening. Love this oil and it smells like heaven.

Favorite Oil!

This is my favorite oil in my skincare routine because it is so light and refreshing. I look forward to my morning face washing routine now just because of Granate! It keeps my skin moisturized without feeling heavy.

Lydia S.
Lush oil

Lush oil that keeps my face hydrated and soft even in the coldest, harshest weather. And it smells great too.

Aww, thank you so much! It is a deliscious oil and so nice to know that is helping you during winter! ~ Kate

Learn more about Granate Oil

Watch and share our little video about Pomegranate Seed Oil! 

Watch how we cold-press oils

All our oils are made this way, using the process of cold-pressing.

What makes Pomegranate Seed Oil so great?

Cold-Pressed Deliciousness

The yield is pretty small when you cold-press dried seeds, but the result is a phenomenally rich oil that preserved all of its nutrients.

Comes from the Richest Soil

Mineral-rich sediments gather in the Delta of the Nile to make the most fertile soil on Earth. This is where our Jojoba shrubs grow and soak up sun and minerals.

Real Organic Farming

It is illegal and also cost prohibitive to use chemicals in Egypt. The land is the natural treasure and it is actually perfectly fertilized naturally by the mighty Nile.

Small Batch & On-Demand

Katari artisans perfected the craft of small batch and only press small quantities of oil for us on demand. This ensures you always get the freshest oil at its peak.

Tips on using Granate Oil

Morning Skin Routine

Granate is best applied to the slightly wet, warm skin after shower or after washing face. Raindrop the oil with the tips of your fingers over your skin.

Add Shine & Protect Hair

Smooth a few drops of Granate Oil before blowdrying hair for extra shine and to protect hair from UV (sun) damage.

Daily Skin Hydration

Try using Granate after massaging Roseau (rose) or Geran (geranium) flower waters into skin for extra hydration.

Daily Skin Protection

If you like layering oils, we suggest doing it from lightest to heaviest in texture. Granate Oil will be the on ligther side. We prefer Granate Oil for morning and daytime.

Keeping Skin Clear & Smooth

Using Granate daily (on clean skin) will help keep skin balanced and reduce breakouts. It will also help diminish appearance of sun spots and fine lines.

Granate Oil's helpful companions

Granate Oil can be used by itself just fine. As all oils it loves going over slightly wet, warm skin to absorb quickly. It is very lightweight and does not leave oily residue if used over slightly wet skin. If your goal is to keep your skin clear, combination of Geran (geranium flower water) before and Granate Oil over is perfect for you. If you are looking to normalize sebum and keep skin balanced, using Argil green clay 1-2 times a week and then moisturizing skin with Granate will be in order. For a decadent exfoliation treatment, add a few drops of Granate Oil to Barie Powder and massage gently into skin using circular motion.

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