3.3 oz | 100 ml

Geran [zhe-run]

Geranium Flower Water

anti-bacterial, redness and inflammation reducing geranium water to calm, cool down and moisturize skin

One Ingredient:

first distillation 100% pure geranium hydrosol (flower water)

3.3 oz | 100 ml
Geranium flower water is a 'must have' for an easy and effective care for any skin type. An impressive natural hydrator with anti-bacterial and any-inflammatory properties, geranium flower water is indispensable to calm skin after waxing, peels, sunburn, or any procedures that make skin angry and irritated. It helps reduce inflammation, tackles odor (can be used as a natural deodorant) and is just a great skin hydrator.

5 reasons to love Geranium flower water

  • Natural skin hydrator with skin balancing properties to fight breakouts

  • Helps soothe skin from mechanical irritations (shaving, waxing, etc.)

  • Anti-bacterial geranium water gently helps skin normalize its balance and minimize bacterial growth that leads to acne

  • Geran helps cool down skin during hot flashes and times when hormones act out and leave skin unhappy

  • Gentle (alcohol and fragrance free) homeopathic skin remedy for your entire family

Why Our Customers Love Geran

Geran - the 'demi-God' of plants that help heal skin & mood

We listed some of the skin concerns our geranium water helped solve.

  • balances skin

  • aids skin hydration

  • calmed skin redness

  • light aftershave

  • natural deodorant

  • soothes for mature skin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The smell is wonderful!

I recently had the opportunity to try this toner. First of all it smells wonderful. I use this toner under the Black Seed Oil or the Rosehíp Oil and it really does help the oil so much more than if you just put the oil on your face. My face stays soft all day.

I love theses products & believe in their healing abilities. The lengths that they go to find the most amazing raw material and the handblown glass bottles (adorable) is not like anything I have seen before.

If you are reading this review because you are not sure if you want to purchase them or not...please do! You will not be disappointed in any way. Start with one and see how you like it but be careful you WILL WANT MORE! Enjoy!!!

Thank you to everyone at Katari for amazing products and the thought that goes in to every little detail!

Jessica L.
Love everything

I love this product!! My skin feels refreshed!!

Thank you so much, Jessica! So happy you loved it! XOXO, Kate


This smell is literally scrumptious. It is extremely delicate and real- a very rare smell in the beauty industry. Incredible attention to detail on these products and I’m loving for them!

Erin, thank you so much! :) What a great way to describe Geran. Hugs, ~ Kate

Love it!

This toner works so well for my dry skin. I love the scent and how gentle it is.

Learn more about flower waters

Kate goes all out talking about waters. Enjoy and share the show! :) Become a flower water expert just after one video!

Watch how flower waters are made

Watch this video to see our artisans at work, distilling a fresh batch of flower water for you to enjoy. Meet our beautiful makers!

What makes our Geran so special!

Wild-Grown Plants

Geranium plants grow almost like weeds in the Mediterranean. Some of the plant leaves, stems and flowers are collected for making of the flower water.

Comes from Pristine Land

Chemicals or human activities are nowhere near the forests from which the geranium plants come. Geranium owes its fragrant superpowers to fertile soil and generous Mediterranean sun.

Potent & Concentrated

To make a little, takes a lot of love, hands and plant stock. Watch our videos about making of Katari hydrosols. It is exactly how it was made centuries ago or even better!

Crafted by Artisan-Scientists

We work with artisans who are also scientists in the field of vapor-distillation, who make the best hydrosols on Earth and come from generations of flower water makers.

Tips on using Geran

Hydrate Skin

Spray geranium water onto clean skin and massage it into the skin with your fingertips. 

Natural Deodorant

Spray on body parts that like to sweat, like armpits, palms, feet. Geran gently neutralizes our body scent.


Geranium flower water calms redness and irritation and might be a new favorite alcohol-free alternative to aftershave.

Calm Skin

Geranium essential oil is 'go-to' mode improving stress reliever. We tend to believe the water has similar properties helping improve the mood.

Relieve Irritation

Geranium is known to relief skin stress and redness. Try it after waxing or other procedures that irritate skin.

Products that complement Geran

Geranium is all about balancing and healing. For skin that is 'angry', irritated, inflamed with breakouts and suffering from hormonal dis-balances or acne, Geranium is a perfect natural 'calm me down' ingredient. We suggest using Black Seed Oil for a few weeks for acne-prone skin after spraying on some Geran. You can do the same routine - Geran + Hoba for a very mild, skin clearing and hypoallergenic skin routine. Geran + Granate are wonderful together for a morning routine to hydrate and protect from the elements. Geran + Argil green clay mixed together can work great to give a boost to stagnant skin cells and help reduce cellulite puckering.

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