Family Skin Kit

For Entire Family


three universal ingredients for anyone in the family - from mature & sensitive to super delicate baby skin


Geranium Water, Jojoba (Hoba) Oil, Argil Green Clay - fresh, naturally potent & preservative-free, perfect for sensitive skin

For Mommies to to be, already Mommies, babies and children and Dads - every product in this kit is mild enough to use on any skin type, even on most senstivie baby skin. Each single-ingredient product is effective and yet gentle for Moms before, during, and after pregnancy. This kit makes a perfect and easy regimen for Dads as well. And saves money when your entire family uses these 3 perfectly simple staples.

Babies, especially newborns, have extremely sensitive skin. During and after pregnancy most women go through a lot of changes that affect how their skin feels. Our holistic esthetician developed a regimen that is perfect for the time when skin needs gentle nourishing and protective healing, is sensitive, or simply needs a solid, simple and natural way to keep it healthy and clear.

When You Need This Kit?

when you have sensitive skin - applies to any age

when you are a gentleman seeking simple ways to keep skin youthful and healthy

when you need safe products to use for your entire family

Daily Regimen with Family Skin Kit

To take the best advantage of the benefits of any natural or botanical ingredients, it is important to use them correctly, taking it slow, and allowing ingredients to do their work. We have made a little simple step-by-step rituals that you can follow if and when you like.

You can start with one, two, or all products in the collection, and as you explore each, you will decide how to best incorporate them into your personal ritual that works for YOU. Be patient and enjoy the decadent natural ingredients of the Mediterranean ancient beauty staples.

Learn how to use this kit

Regimen for Mommies

As I am writing this paragraph, I am just like you am too busy taking care of others, starting with little baby bosses so that I do not have much time for me. And because this lack of time is not going to miraculously improve any time soon, I need things that are simple, fast, and effective today and every day. 'Things' that you can lather on yourself and on your baby all at the same time. Here is a little routine I have developed that uses all three products in this collection but not all at once. You can experiment and make your own and please do share! :) ~ Hugs, Kate

Energy & blood circulation with Hoba Oil 

Before shower have a bottle of Hoba oil handy. And your favorite dry brush or exfoliating mitt. This drybrushing ritual and Hoba treatment will leave you with more energy and ready to 'carpe' whatever comes your way!

  • 1 minute - every day if you can before shower, grab a dry exfoliting mitt, and with C-shaped motions quickly massage your legs from toes up (don't forget inner thights), arms and torso, always moving towards the heart - this drybrushing routine will increase blood circulation, boost energy and help sloath dead skin cells

  • 2 minutes - shower (while you are in the shower, warm up the back of the neck to get the stagmant lympth to drain, massage face with upward gentle motions and parts of the body where lymph nodes are to keep the blood going

  • 2 minutes - pat slightly if you are dripping wet, but don't dry your skin completely. Add a few drops of Hoba oil and massage with gentle circular motions towards the heart from face, to arms, to toes

This shower drybrushing and oil nourishing for your skin is developed by Michelle, a beautiful busy Mom, and our client, and a 20-year veteran of clean beauty and owner of @browdenver.

Easy tone and detox masque with Argil

After reading this you will never have an excuse you did not have time for a facial masque! And yes, it includes mixing it and applying it and you can do it in seconds.

  • Start your shower!

  • While water is warming up, grab your mixing bowl, pour 1-2 tsps of Argil green clay into it

  • Add a few drops of warm water from the tap to get smooth, slightly runny and creamy consistency - this takes about 5 seconds

  • Splash some water on your face and apply green clay mixture to face, brows, in around nostrils and neck / decolette area

  • Shower as usual, and rinse your green clay masque last

  • When you get out, do not dry your face, leave it slightly wet and apply a drop of Hoba on face and neck and whatever is left on your hands and run through your hair - your are cleansed, primed, moisturized, and conditioned!

This is my personal ritual and it literally can be done all under 5 minutes. The steam from the shower helps open up pores and gets Argil green clay to work as if it is in a fancy spa! ~ Hugs, Kate

Healthy, hydrated skin with Geran

Geranium flower water or Geran is way underrated for what it does for skin. Naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, it is a gentle natural ingredient that can help with skin dryness, redness, inflammation and even with some cellulite puckering. This is how we use Geran.

  • Use Geran before using any oil. If you are using Hoba, after shower massage a few drops of Geran into skin and then add Hoba to seal the moisture

  • You can use Geran instead of water with Argil green clay facial masque. Not necessary but you absolutely can. But if you use the same mixture now for areas of skin where some more loving is needed, where some cells got stagnant and might have some cellulite, massage the mixture into skin. Or just massage Geran into skin without clay. Both help promote blood circulation.

  • Geran is great for reducing skin redness after shaving or after peels and other med spa procedures. It is gentle and calming for skin.

  • Some of our customers report great results using Geran on their legs to reduce appearance of broken capillaries.

  • And if you need coffee (who does not), add a spoon of geranium water to your French press, Turkish Coffee or any coffee you are making. You might have a new favorite coffee recipe!

Pro Tips for Best Use

Regimen for Babies

When you have products in your arsenal that are amazing multitaskers for your entire family, you can save time and money and have a peace of mind that what you are putting on your kids' skin are the best ingredients in the world. Natural ingredients that would not negatively affect their system, would not disrupt hormones or create a reaction.

Keep their skin soft & protected with Hoba

  • use Hoba oil after a diaper change to keep skin protected and healthy. Hoba is very gentle and soothing, if your little one develops diaper rash

  • use Hoba oil after bath on warm, slightly wet skin to keep skin protected and moisturized

  • use Hoba oil on cradle cap and dry skin anywhere

Chapped lips, dry hands - Hoba is delicate and yet very effective for any kid to use. Let your little one help apply a few drops of Hoba on their smily faces after shower and rub a few drops on the knees and bellies too!

Hoba is truly the best when little runny noses are red after being rubbed and wiped a lot. It does not sting! And it soothes and help heal skin. Use on warm skin, preferably wash skin with warm water, and add a few drops of oil.

Argil clay masque for kids? Why not!

Green clay, Katari Argil, is naturally anti-bacterial and is naturally hypoallergenic. It is gentle and does not sting skin. It helps protect, cleanse and detoxify skin. It is gentle enough that it can be used on kids.

We usually do a 'Mommy and me' facial masque with green clay and let little ones play and get messy in a bathtub with some green clay goodness. It is good to have some clay in the water to keep cleanse skin and add those beneficial minerals to skin.

As it is usually pretty hard to get your toddlers to throughly enjoy a facial masque, having a fun, playful time is so much better and green faces look so cute! Send us photos of you and yours partaking in Argil masque fun!

For teens, when those breakouts happen, Argil is a much better alternative to harsh chemicals and acne creams. Don't let them overdry skin with alcohol or acohol-based products. Skin needs oils and skin needs to maintain its protective barrier. Hoba oil helps with the first and Argil helps with the second and it dries out the excess oils too, so that breakouts can go away much faster.

Geran is a gentle anti-bacterial hydrator!

Geranium flower water has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean for all kinds of skin conditions. A light natural antiseptic, with great anti-inflammatory benefits, Geran can go on red, irritated skin.

You can use Geran on scratches and bruises to help heal skin faster.

For eczema, massage geranium flower water onto affected areas. And the best part, it does not sting skin. And it is one, proven by millenia ingredient!

You can add a little bit of geranium flower water over pomegranate seeds or a fruit salad or to a lemonade or a cookie mix. It will add a little delicious flavor!

Pro Tips for Best Use

Regimen for Daddies

When you can share same products in the bathroom with your significant other, you are running into one big risk - he might like them too much and move them to his side of the vanity. In either case, having your man use clean products that he will love because they are easy, versitile, have no fragrance or oily sheen, is a win-win!

Healthy skin, hair & beard with scent-free Hoba 

This is how any gentleman can use Hoba: make sure to always use the oil on slightly wet, warm skin, the best time is after shower.

For hair and beard treatment, steam in the shower and apply a few drops while in the shower to allow oil get into the hair follicles. Rinse off if necessary, though not needed.

Use instead of a shaving cream or as a moisturizing oil post shave (perfect after Geran - geranium flower water, which can be a new natural aftershave.

Hoba is great for hard-working dry hands, dry cuticles and dry heels. Use daily after shower and you will see how much skin improves!

  • Pre & after shave conditioning oil

  • Beard lube and hair conditioner

  • All over skin moisturizer for lips, hands, heels, etc

Clear, blemish-free skin with Argil

Having a facial masque is manly! You can prep it for your man or he can schlap on some dirt (literally, as it is mud) all by himself. It does not need to be perfect - it will still work!

Use Argil green clay as a spot treatment for breakouts and blemishes - just use a pinch-size and mix in your palm and apply to the blemish. Let it dry off and wash off.

Bacne? Treat it with a back treatment at home. Here is a little visual on the photo.

Believe it or not, but using Argil green clay INSTEAD of a shampoo can help cleanse scalp much better, which helps promote hair growth and will also add texture and volume to hair without additional products. How cool is that?

  • Acne, blemishes and breakouts

  • Dandruff and fine hair with poor growth & hair loss

  • Use as a rinse for face to keep skin clear & hair thick

Hydrating, odor-controling after shave - Geran

Geranium flower water does not smell like flowers. It can, if it is watered down, but we do not water down anything, so it has a strong scent but it does not linger on your skin.

The easiest ways to use Geran is after shaving to reduce redness and irritation and those ingrown hairs and red bumps. Don't forget to put a few drops of Hoba right after Geran - water and oil mix and they need each other to provide the moisture barrier and skin defense. It will make a huge difference on how skin feels.

Odors? Sweaty armpits or feet? Use some Geran. Simply splash a few drops on your palms and apply to where needed.

Did you know that geranium flower water is perfect natural way to help with eczema. Apply on affected areas. It will also not sting. Pretty nice, eh?

  • Natural anti-bacterial after shave

  • Deodorant and odor-reducing spray

  • Redness reducing skin hydrator

Pro Tips for Best Use

Watch unboxing of Beau Voyaj kit with the same ingredients !

It makes a perfect gift.

3 ingredients for healthy skin for entire family

  • Argil - [arr-zheel'] - pure hypoallergenic Tunisian green clay to use 1-2 times a week to deeply cleanse, shrink pores, get rid of blackheads, excess oils, detox from toxins and give Mommy (and Daddy) a boost of mineral goodness from magnesium, calcium and iron - 1 oz / 30 g

  • Hoba - [ho-buh] - pure cold-pressed hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic jojoba wax to use DAILY to cleanse and moisturize all skin types without exclusions, condition hair, hands, cuticles, beards and so much more - 1 fl oz / 30 ml

  • Geran - [zhe-run] - pure, first distillation geranium flower water (hydrosol) to use DAILY to hydrate skin, rid skin of odors, use instead of an aftershave and to gently improve skin inflammation, redness and irritation - 1 fl oz / 30 ml

Using the Kit

Watch this video and learn how to use each product in the kit for anyone in your family.

Tips & Tricks

Hoba - jojoba oil can be used on newborns from day 1. This oil (or actually plant wax) is the closest to human sebum in terms of chemistry, which makes it gentle and non-reactive and perfect for delicate newborn skin. Our babies grew up using Hoba daily. 

You can use Hoba instead of any and all ALL creams, lotions and products for skin and hair. It works just fine and is much better for you and your family.

Geran - geranium flower water is naturally anti-bacterial, so it is great and does not sting when you use it on red, itchy, irritated skin - yours or your littles ones. Geran calms skin down and helps reduce symptoms of eczema and skin dryness.

Argil - green clay naturally has the same pH as our blood, which makes it non-reactive to our skin. It is extremely powerful yet very gentle and absolutely cannot be misused. Use on any skin blemishes, psoriasis patches, if skin has eczema or if it is prone to acne, or just as a fun family spa day masque.

Customer Reviews

While we wait for reviews for this kit, here is what our customers think about some of the products inside the Glowing Skin Kit:

  • balanced skin pH

  • improved skin texture

  • calmed skin redness

  • tightened pores

  • locked moisture

  • improved oily skin

Please share your photos & videos and successes using your kit!