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This is a review from one of our customers about my favorite oil - Hoba, jojoba plant wax.

All I need to do it just post this... This pretty much describes how I feel about Hoba oil as well...

"Words cannot describe how life changing the Hoba oil has been for me. I really want to be the person that has one of those SUPER intense and glamorous skincare routines but I just never can commit. That all changed when my friend introduced me to Katari. This is the first brand that I have been able to commit to. My skin is SUPER soft since using Hoba and clear of any breakouts and this product is an easy makeup remover. I get SO many compliments on my skin and half the time I don't even wear foundation. I glow without the help of bronzers or highlighters. For someone who wouldn't leave the house without makeup on, this is a miracle in that it gave me the confidence to not wear makeup. LOVE LOVE LOVE." ~ Shelby

hypoallergenic jojoba plant wax for priming and moisturizing skin

Hoba oil is so perfectly versatile, I NEVER travel without it and use it for so many things:

  • cleanse my skin
  • moisturize skin
  • condition hair
  • prime skin before makeup

Also, Hoba or jojoba oil that we cold-press from the seeds collected from small farms south of Aswan in Egypt, is naturally neutral. It has a neutral pH balance. Skin does not react to it, which makes it so perfect for keeping acne away. And for daily use, it will absorb quickly and will not shine, because it is really not an oil, but a plant wax.

Once you try it, just like Shelby, you will love it. It is hard not to! 

Simplicity is yours!


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