Katari Beauty

Katari Perfume Oil (100% pure, alcohol-free, made in France)

160 USD

With notes of rose, orange flower, musk, jasmine, lily of the valley and an exotic blend of few other purest essential oils from Provence, France, we welcome you to experience the warmth of the scent that we named 'Amatevi' or 'love one another' in ancient Sicilian.

This fragrance is alcohol-free, and is composed of 100% pure, organic, essential oils that were distilled from plants grown in Provence.

We worked with the best perfumers in Grasse (world's capital of perfumes) and are so excited to share these exquisite scents with you. Each bottle will last you a very long time - probably a year. We suggest keeping fragrances away from sunlight and bathrooms.

As always, our new creation comes in a beautiful handblown bottle. While we are working on boxes, we are ready for the pre-orders of the fragrance so that you can fall in love sooner and tell others when they ask 'what are you wearing?"

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