Everyone loves natural products but why do some of them cause irritation or make acne worse? Turns out it is all about balance. In this case, it is about pH-balance. Products can be as natural as they can be and yet make your skin angry.

Argil is naturally pH-neutral, which is perfect for skin. It does not create irritation and curbs proliferation of bacteria that causes acne.

The most amazing fact about Argil is that it is a type of clay nuclear scientists use to encapsulate nuclear waste. The tiny particles of clay bond to toxins and don't let them go. Just imagine how powerful this clay is for skin. Its incredible pulling power allows for cleansing skin getting rid of excess oils, toxins, impurities and blackheads. The Iron and Magnesium in Argil work together to increase blood circulation and regenerate young and healthy skin cells, the ability to do which we lose as we age.

We are absolutely crazy about this clay and if you would like to know much more here is a fact sheet with a LOT about chemistry, process of extraction, origin and many other cool facts about Katari Argil.