Oils can be used as cleansers and makeup removers, primers, conditioners for skin and hair, moisturizers and night serums. Here is where and how we suggest using Katari oils.

Oils for your skin

Morning Use with Hoba Oil (your daily moisturizing oil):

  • Ladies: rinse face with water and cleanse / moisturizer / prime skin with Hoba (add a few drops to a cotton round) before applying makeup. It will absorb quickly and help with flawless makeup application
  • Gents: use Hoba oil on slightly wet skin after shave to moisturize and protect skin. We suggest using Geran (geranium flower water) as after shave to cool down skin and reduce redness and irritation and Hoba as your perfect moisturizer

Morning Use with Other Oils (for ladies or gents):

  • Layer Granate (pomegranate seed oil) over Hoba or use by itself as daily UV protecting and dryness reducing oil
  • If your skin needs a little more love, you can use Rosehip and / or Barie Oil instead of your morning Hoba Oil.  
  • If your skin needs some healing from breakouts, acne or eczema or dermatatis, anyone can benefit from Black Seed Oil. Make sure to use on clean, slightly wet skin - try it after massaging anti-bacterial geranium or pH-balancing rose water into skin. Make sure to apply oils while skin is still wet
  • Layer oils from lighter to heavier in texture and experiment to find your balance. You cannot go wrong with any of them. Apply a drop at a time - you can always add more!
  • All oils are gender-neutral

Evening Use (for ladies or gents):

  • You apply the same oil in the evening or go with lighter Hoba or Granate (pomegranate) Oils in the morning and switch to heavier, hard working serum-like oils at night: Rosehip, Barie and Black Seed to heal skin
  • You can never go wrong with just going with Hoba. It is light, absorbs quickly, has virtually no scent and it not oily. You can use Hoba in the morning and at night. 
  • Before applying any of the oils, make sure your skin is clean - wash it with your favorite water-based cleanser or with water and Hoba oil. We typically mix 2 parts of rose or geranium water and 1 part of Hoba oil, shake it up and make a home-made skin cleanser

Oils for your hair (for ladies or gents):

  • For eyebrows - apply either Henna or Black Castor Oil with an applicator stick before going to bed, massaging hair follicles and applying to areas where hair is and where you would like to see more hair growth (overplucked or bold spots). Rinse with plenty of water if oil gets into your eyes and causes irritation. It takes 6-8 weeks or even longer of daily application to see results. It is totally healthy and normal!
  • For eyelashes - apply either Henna or Black Castor Oil with a applicator stick before going to bed on top eyelid above lashine. Do not apply to lash extensions, directly on lashes or lower lashes. It takes 6-8 weeks or even longer of daily application to see results. It is totally healthy and normal!
  • For shiny hair: to add shine and protection before drying your hair - add a drop or two of Henna Oil or Pomegranate Seed Oil
  • For frizzy hair: add a drop of Rosehip Oil or Hoba Oil to smooth hair
  • For any hair as a boost of conditioning: add a drop of Hoba Oil
  • For dry scalp and dandruff: massage a few drops of Henna Oil into scalp after washing hair (oil goes on wet hair before drying it) and smooth the rest over hair length
  • For deeply hydrating and hair follicle strenghtening treatment: warm up some Black Castor Oil in a water bath and apply to hair roots, massage into scalp. Keep under shower cap for 60 minutes or even overnight. Shampoo and condition and add a few drops of Hoba to condition before drying hair.