One Ingredient: 100% pure, vapor-distilled rose water made by steam distilling of fresh rose petals with preserved rose essential oil.


Once a year for a few short weeks or just a few days, when roses are blooming, the petals are hand-picked early in the morning when the sun is very mild, and the roses are full of spring morning freshness of Mediterranean coast.

Petals are placed in a large container and brought up to almost boiling temperature, at which time, steam (vapor) starts condensing the essence for rose fragrance into aromatic water. The rose water cools down and drop by drop collects in another container. The oil and water that are produced this way are naturally occurring and nothing else is mixing in or added to create this natural hydrolat or rose hydrosol (another word for flower water).

Storage & Shelf life

When packaged in glass, vapor distilled high quality rose water like Roseau, should preserve all its qualities and stay amazingly fresh for 2-3 years. We recommend using your bottle of Roseau within 12 months of opening. This way you can get the freshest rose water every time!

Most sources suggest keeping rose water out of direct sunlight and even in the fridge. We agree that normal precautions like keeping it out of hot sun and too much light should be maintained to prolong the life of this wonderful hydrolat. However, our rose water holds up just fine even if left in daylight for many months.


Apart of a rare case of intolerance of rose fragrance, there should be no reaction to the rose water. If any reaction occurs, just wash off Roseau with warm water for a few minutes. We have never seen or heard of anyone developing a reaction to rose water, but strange allergies do happen!

Roseau is marketed for external use only, however, it is safe to ingest, and we frequently add a few spoons to cookies and to coffee. It is condensed from the vapor of purified water and organically grown roses, so there is nothing in Roseau that can be harmful. And yet, again, this Roseau toner is to be used for external applications on skin.