For little ones with most sensitive skin, using having ingredients that do not further irritate or compromise delicate skin is critical.

Here is how we use 4 Katari ingredients aka products for babies - including our own babies from 1 day on...

Newborn Care with Hoba Oil - for cradle cap, diaper rash, after bath as all over body, massage oil - you cannot replace Hoba Oil. It is naturally most similar to skin sebum and also naturally pH-neutral. It is extremely gentle on skin and you can replace all you baby skincare products just with this one oil. 

Using Hoba oil on babies:

  • after bath instead of moisturising cream on dry skin patches and on cradle cap - gently massage onto warm, slighty wet skin after bath on red and irritated skin inbetween diaper changes (or just between diaper changes)
  • on dry lips and little hands (always use on warm, slightly wet skin) to soothe skin
  • apply some Hoba under red, overwiped noses - Hoba does not irritate or sting skin
  • use on eczema patches and dry skin - just make sure to always apply after bath or on warm, slightly wet skin. You can splash a few drops of Geran (geranium water) before Hoba or just a little water.
  • cool thing about Hoba is it is not toxic and it is like a vegetable oil, which you (your little one) can lick off the lips and it is totally ok. We do not recommend to consume Hoba oil - it has no nutritional value and kind of like cooking oil, you would not want to consume, but it is not harmful in any way

Using Geran (geranium flower water) on babies:

  • apply (gently rub) into scratches, bruises and red, irritated skin to help skin heal and to soothe skin
  • cool thing about Geran is that you can add a spoon to fruit salad (we pour a little bit over pomegranate seeds - yum), add to cookies and to Turkish coffee. So it is something you can absolutely do.

Using Argil (green clay) on babies (toddlers and up):

  • a little Mommy & Me spa day with some cute green facial masques or a few spoons of clay mixed into bath to take care of irritations, eczema, dry skin or just to add a little minerals for skin - it never hurts to 
  • cool thing about clay is that in many cultuers people eat it, as multi-vitamin. Katari green clay is not toxic and there is nothing bad that will happen if you or your little one swallow some clay. Worse case if you eat a bunch of it, you might get constipated. We certainly are not advertising Argil clay for eating, but just to reinforse that it is not dangerous for kids.

Using Black Seed Oil on babies (toddlers and up):

  • Black Seed is a staple in skincare for all humans in Egypt. When there is ANY type of skin ailment, irritation, or an insect bite, Egyptian parents apply Black Seed Oil. It is a great moisturizer too, but we prefer Hoba for moisturizing and Black Seed Oil for healing skin.
  • cool thing about Black Seed Oil is that it is also a supplement. We are NOT selling our Black Seed Oil for internal consumption. Just reinforcing the fact that this oil is also safe for use and does not create issues if your little one licked his oily fingers.

Despite of all these ingredients being extremely safe for use on babies and kids, please supervise your little ones at all times.