Luxury Oils Tester Kit

Skin & Hair Oils

70.00 USD

6 ancient skin and hair staples to fall in love with - versatile, powerful and transformative


Black Seed Oil, Black Castor Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Henna Oil, Jojoba Oil - fresh, naturally potent & preservative-free

70.00 USD
Fall in love with single-ingredient, pure, cold-pressed oils for flawless skin and gorgeous hair. Explore our Lotus Collection of oils that come from the Nile's Delta in Egypt, packed with vitamins and micro-elements critical for vitality and health of skin and hair. 

The kit comes in a linen bag, a hand-carved olive wood applicator. All oils are hand-poured in our hand blown glass bottles and sealed with sustainable cork closures. Instructions for each product are included as well. Each product is 0.5 fl oz / 15 ml, which is enough for a few weeks of daily application and to see a difference each oil can make for your skin and hair.

When You Need This Kit?

when your skincare products do not deliver results or stop working

when you and your budget need high-performing, multi-tasking staples

when you want to switch to a more natural way of taking care of your skin and hair

6 oils to love for clear skin and healthy hair

  • Henna Oil - hair & brows moisturizing oil

  • Pomegranate Seed Oil - Vitamin C rich,antioxidant age-defying oil

  • Rosehip Oil - Vitamin A, skin brightening oil

  • Black Seed Oil - anti-microbial oil for breakouts and acne
  • Black Castor Oil - brow, lash and dry scalp rehab oil
  • Hoba (Jojoba) Oil - cleansing, priming, moisturizing hypoallergenic and pH-neutral oil for skin and hair

Using the Kit

Watch this video and learn how to use each product in the kit to take the best advantage and achieve healthier skin naturally.

Watch Our videos and Learn About the Oils

Lotus Luxury Oils Kit in Use

To take the best advantage of the benefits of any natural or botanical ingredients, it is important to use them correctly, taking it slow, and allowing ingredients to do their work. We have made a little simple step-by-step clear skin ritual that you can follow in the morning and in the evening.

Morning & Evening Routine

Cleanse skin & tone pores with Hoba & Roseau

Every morning after shower, apply some Roseau (rose water) toner to your skin and immediately after, while skin is still slightly wet, add a few drops of Hoba Oil. Massage the oil into the clean skin. Use your fingertips and either lightly 'raindrop' the oil or massage in circular motion from bottom of the face up (do not pull skin down). 

Roseau is also perfect to spray in your hair for a light mist of delicate and gentle fragrance. It soothes skin and scalp and help rebalance it, which also helps to alleviate dryness.

Hoba also makes a great hair conditioner - add a drop to your favorite conditioner or simply add to your hair (for gents, to beard or mustache) and let it steam for a few minutes in the shower. You will amazed how soft and wonderful you hair will feel.

Heal Skin with Black Seed Oil

In the evening, use Hoba Oil to cleanse skin - apply a few drops on a cotton round to remove makeup or just simply cleanse the face from the daily build-up. Rinse with warm water. Then apply a spray of Roseau (rose toner) and follow with a few drops of Black Seed Oil. You can use Black Seed Oil instead of your moisturizer when skin needs more healing. When your skin is calm and redness or irritation is gone, you can switch to using Roseau and Hoba Oil at night instead.

Sometimes you might need just a stop treatment with Black Seed. In this case, you can use a cotton swab and apply a drop of Black Seed Oil to the breakouts or spots with irritation.

Deeply cleanse & renew skin with Argil

We love using Argil clay once or twice a week while we take a shower. Being busy with kids and work does not leave much time for pampering. But Argil is perfect for a quick deep pore cleansing treatment while you steam in the shower. This is when it does its best - getting deep into the pores to extract all the toxins and impurities and remineralize skin with its powerful skin boosting ingredients.

Mix 1-2 teaspoons of Argil green clay with 1-2 teaspoons of warm water before getting into shower. Use non-metal utensils to avoid reaction of metals in Argil (has minerals like Iron and Magnesium). The consistency can be loose and even slightly watery is fine. Wet the face a little bit and apply a thin layer of green clay masque to your face, neck, decolette and even under arms (to pull toxins from your lympth nodes). Jump in the shower and let the masque steam for 5-7 minutes. Then rinse it last and repeat Roseau + Hoba ritual to seal the moisture in the skin.

Tips & Tricks

Always use oils on freshly cleansed, warm and slightly wet skin. You will use less oil and it will absorb better and will work harder.

Oils love water. You will notice that oils soak into your skin if you spray some rose water toner or don't dry your skin after a shower before applying an oil.

Try each oil in the collection for different skin or hair purposes to get to know the oils better. Once you feel comfortable you can diversify and play around with them, mix and layer if you like, or stick to your new found multi-tasking favorites.

Be patient! Skin takes about a month to renew. While you can see improvements in a couple of days, best results will take a couple of weeks! And then, we suggest keeping a simple and pH-balanced routine, like Hoba Oil and Rose Toner in the morning and Rosehip or Barie Oil at night over Roseau (rose toner) or Geran (geranium) water.

Customer Reviews

While we wait for reviews for this kit, here is what our customers think about some of the products inside the Luxury Oils Collection:

  • balanced skin pH

  • improved skin texture

  • calmed skin redness

  • tightened pores

  • locked moisture

  • improved oily skin

Please share your photos & videos and successes using your kit!


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