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Nuit Sicilienne

0.5 fl ozLimited Edition Tester
120.00 USD

A seductive and warm fragrance with notes of bergamote, muscadete, fleur blanche, nagarmota, patchouli, vanilla and other French essential oils perfect for anyone with a sophisticated taste.


100% pure, organic essential oils distilled from plants grown in Provence, France. No alcohol, no dyes, no artificial fragrance.

0.5 fl ozLimited Edition Tester
120.00 USD
We welcome you to experience the scent we named 'Amatevi' or 'love one another' in ancient Sicilian. The inspiration behind Nuit Sicilienne is the raw beauty of Sicily and a perfect love story - full of longing, warmth and romance.

We worked with the best perfumers in Grasse (world's capital of perfumes) to create this head-turning scent for you.  And as all our hand-crafted treasures, Nuit Sicilienne comes in a handblown beautiful bottle and box with a surprise and will last you many months. 

Samples come in handblown glass bottles with cork and will also last you a long time.

Nuit Sicilienne Notes

  • Top Notes

bergamote & muscade

  • Heart Notes

fleur blanche

  • Base Notes

cedre, nagarmota, patchouli, vanille


One night in Sicily...

Amatevi means ‘love one another’ in ancient Sicilian. The scent of Amatevi – pure, warm, and a little nostalgic will take you to the place of peace, love and feel good.

Our perfume oil is a blend of 100% pure Provence (France) grown essential oils. There is no alcohol, dyes, or preservatives - only the magic of notes of rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, or orange flower changing throughout the day and turning heads as you walk.

Making of the perfume

Your fragrance was born in the world capital of perfumes - Grasse, France. It is a sophisticated blend of purest, organic essential oils distilled from freshest flowers grown in French Provence. 

As for bottles, each is hand blown and each is hand-fitted with a beautiful glass stopper and is a work of art.

Watch the making of the bottles and share the scent and the story with the world!

"The Noses"

Making the perfume

"I always had an idea how Katari perfume should smell. Not too fresh, not too sweet, not too heavy. I wanted something that will turn heads and will make people ask 'what are you wearing?' when they smell this scent. And for the scent to dissolve into a gentle cloud of Mediterranean summer and a feeling of falling in love for the first time."

~ Kate | Founder, Katari Beauty

Using & Storage

  • Replace the cork with the glass stopper and dab a tiny bit of perfume on your pulse points - your neck and your wrists

  • Allow the fragrance to dance with your body's natural chemistry, creating a scent as beautiful and unique as you

  • As the days and months unfold, uncover new scents, each more intriguing the last, as perfume oil matures, just as fine wines do

  • Tuck your treasured perfume away from light and moisture and enjoy it for many months becoming one with the scent

Behind the Scenes - France

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Customer Reviews

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A dot lasts all day and it smells amazing. Love, thank you!