Hand blown

GLass Straw

Velvety smooth finish of this straw adds sustainable luxury to any experience - having a craft cocktail, sipping a cold brew, or adding a drop of exquisite essential oil to your beauty blend. 

Why use glass straws?

The age of plastic is gone! Metal just does not feel right and above all it oxidizes your recipes and beverages, and it is not a good alternative for when you want to use a straw. Paper straws get soggy and create more waste. This is why we made these beautiful reusable glass straws.

Glass straws are long enough at 6" for most of your beverages (to sip and to stir) and can be used as pipettes for liquids like oils, flower waters, essential oils and any other liquids.

How do we make them?

Katari glass straws are hand blown by the artisans in Egypt and frosted using a very unique technique of iron filing, instead of sand blasting. It creates a velvety smooth, milky-white finish that does not wash off or rub off. Each piece is expertly crafted out of pure lab-grade glass, which is heat resistant and your straw is dishwasher-safe. 

4-pack of hand blown

Glass straWS

6.00 USD

pure, heat resistant frosted glass

To keep your recipes and beverages from oxidizing, it is better to stay away from metals. We commissioned these glass straws to elevate your experience of having a beverage or making a beauty recipe. It is so much better when it is plastic-free, neutral to your ingredients, and beautiful to touch!
  • Size: 6.0" / ~15.2 cm

  • Material: pure, lab-grade, heat resistant glass (Pyrex quality) with smooth frosting

  • Uses: blend, stir, sip, and extract liquids

  • Benefits: neutral to ingredients and mixed recipes, eco-friendly

  • Tips: dishwasher safe, though might be easier to hand wash

Glass straw as an oil dipper / pipette

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Take a look where and how our glass is handmade

We literally searched high and low and went through a lot of possible options before we started working with this group of artisans. They have never made accessories like this. But now they do and the result - beautiful, hand blown pieces of art that help our planet, help support artisans and their craft, and keep plastic out of landfills.

Watch this video from our glass maker!

This is Ali, our chief glass maker allowing Kate mess up his process! LOL. Learn more about our glass makers in our blog.

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Hand blown


6.00 USD

More Earth-friendly, sustainable


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