Brighten & Tone Kit

Brighten & Tone

80.00 USD

ancient ingredients for improve complexion, reduce hyperpigmentation, age spots and fine lines


Argil Green Clay, Rosehip Oil, Rose Water - fresh, naturally potent & preservative-free

80.00 USD
Reduce discoloration and sun / age spots - let Katari Beauty help you see fewer spots, less hyperpigmentation, fewer fine lines, lighten up scars, and noticeably brighten your complexion. High concentration of Vitamins A, C and F in Rosehip Oil, when used daily, will help with cell regeneration and a reduction of hyperpigmentation. 100% pure rose water toner, Roseau, with preserved rose essential oil will repair capillary damage and will balance skin pH when used daily. And Argil green clay masque's supercharged particles go deep into skin to improve complexion and will rid skin of toxins and excess sebum reducing pores as well.

When You Need This Kit?

when you have sun spots and hyperpigmentation

when you have enlarged pores or rosacea

when you prefer to smooth and tighten skin naturally

Daily Regimen with Brighten & Tone Kit

To take the best advantage of the benefits of any natural or botanical ingredients, it is important to use them correctly, taking it slow, and allowing ingredients to do their work. We have made a little simple step-by-step clear skin ritual that you can follow in the morning and in the evening.

Morning & Evening Routine

Cleanse skin & tone pores with Roseau

Every morning after shower, apply some Roseau (rose water) toner to your skin and immediately after, while skin is still slightly wet, add a few drops of Katari Hoba Oil or your favorite carrier oil or Rosehip Oil. Massage the oil into the clean skin. Use your fingertips and either lightly 'raindrop' the oil or massage in circular motion from bottom of the face up (do not pull skin down). 

Roseau is also perfect to spray in your hair for a light mist of delicate and gentle fragrance. It soothes skin and scalp and help rebalance it, which also helps to alleviate dryness.

Brighten & De-Age Skin with Rosehip Oil

In the evening, use Hoba Oil or your favorite cleanser - apply a few drops on a cotton round to remove makeup or just simply cleanse the face from the daily build-up. Rinse with warm water. Then apply a spray of Roseau (rose toner) and follow with a few drops of Rosehip Oil. You can use Rosehip Oil instead of your anti-aging serum. If you have a guasha roller, you can use it on your skin, neck and chest area to boost circulation and amplify the benefits of the oil.

Always apply any oil on slightly wet, warm skin - you will use less product and the benefits of the oil will be much better. Oil gets better into the warmed up, opened pores.

Deeply cleanse & renew skin with Argil

We love using Argil clay once or twice a week while we take a shower. Being busy with kids and work does not leave much time for pampering. But Argil is perfect for a quick deep pore cleansing treatment while you steam in the shower. This is when it does its best - getting deep into the pores to extract all the toxins and impurities and remineralize skin with its powerful skin boosting ingredients.

Mix 1-2 teaspoons of Argil green clay with 1-2 teaspoons of warm water before getting into shower. Use non-metal utensils to avoid reaction of metals in Argil (has minerals like Iron and Magnesium). The consistency can be loose and even slightly watery is fine. Wet the face a little bit and apply a thin layer of green clay masque to your face, neck, decolette and even under arms (to pull toxins from your lympth nodes). Jump in the shower and let the masque steam for 5-7 minutes. Then rinse it last and repeat Roseau + Hoba ritual to seal the moisture in the skin.

3 ingredients for brighter complexion

  • Argil Green Clay - Argil - [arr-zheel'] - pure hypoallergenic Tunisian green clay to use 1-2 times a week to deeply cleanse and shrink pores, get rid of blackheads and excess oils and gently exfoliate skin while boosting skin radiance with a powerful combination of minerals that help increase blood circulation and cellular turnover - 1 oz / 30 g

  • Rosehip Oil - pure, cold-pressed Rosehip Oil is a decadent serum Rosehip Oil and a powerhouse of Vitamin A and C. It is perfect for mature skin and it helps brighten the skin tone, as it helps with cellular turnover. It is a perfect vegan replacement to retinoids to reduce dark spots and skin dryness, improve appearance of scars, smooths fine wrinkles and is a great anti-aging oil.  0.5 oz / 15 ml

  • Roseau (rose) Water - pure, first distillation rose water (hydrosol) to use DAILY to balance skin pH, gently tone, lift and moisturize skin, providing an anti-bacterial properties and repairing broken capillaries - 1 oz / 30 ml

Using the Kit

Watch this video and learn how to use each product in the kit to take the best advantage and achieve toned and balanced complexion naturally.

Tips & Tricks

Our motto 'less is more'. Start with 2 ingredients daily - Rose Toner and Rosehip Oil and only use Argil green clay once or twice a week - it is enough. Do not confuse skin with too much or try to do too many different skincare routines at the same time. Give your regimen time to make a difference on your skin. 

Rosehip Oil can be your night 'anti-aging serum' and we suggest swapping your anti-aging products every 6 months or every year so that skin does not get used to the same ingredient. For a morning routine we always suggest a simple Hoba Oil and at night you can add Barie Oil to the rotation. Enjoy and experiment and see what your skin would love the most!

Be patient! Skin takes about a month to renew. While you can see improvements in a couple of days, best results will take a couple of weeks! And then, we suggest keeping a simple and pH-balanced routine.

Customer Reviews

While we wait for reviews for this kit, here is what our customers think about some of the products inside the Skin Issues Erased Kit:

  • balanced skin pH

  • improved skin texture

  • calmed skin redness

  • tightened pores

  • locked moisture

  • improved oily skin

Please share your photos & videos and successes using your kit!


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