Travel Far

When you are on the border of Libya and feel absolutely safe, it is a great feeling. People are people everywhere; and they all want one thing - peace and health for their families. 

My travels take me far. Scouting the best natural ingredients and working with the most fascinating artisans in the Mediterranean can lead to some off-beaten path adventures and memories of a life time.

Booming industrially and full of hard-working small businesses, Sfax is a Tunisian city where a lot of olive wood artisans reside and create. But to get there, we went through a couple of tires, dozens of roundabouts, a few patrols (all very friendly) and multitude of ATMs that did not like my debit card. 

On the last ATM and with last $20, I thought that sleeping in the car and eating light for a few days might be an option. And then, one of the ATMs just gifted me with wad of cash. Oh how wonderful pizza was that night!

I would not hesitate to return and will be back there soon to say hello to the families I met and now have a pleasure working with. Thank you, Sfax!

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