Active Ingredients?

Have your heard anything about active ingredients? Probably. 

Well, most commercial products and formulated products require a lot of add-ons, fillers, stabilizers, water, alcohol type substances for preserving, etc. At the end you get potentially a nice smelling lotion or masque or cream but is it really effective?

My job with all Katari single-ingredient products has been to show that one simple and pure ingredient can make a huge difference and beneficially affect skin and hair. And when you have something simple and effective, you typically don't crave for more. You use what works, right? At least, I do.

I guess the easiest way to explain it is by asking, would you prefer 0.5% of an active ingredient (an ingredient that actually does something to help your skin or hair) or would you prefer something that is pretty much all active ingredient? If you choose 'an all active ingredient product', you won! :)

Going back to basics and using ingredients that work is what makes for better self care and better beauty regimens.

And when all ingredients are expertly crafted by people who have been in that industry for countless generations and employ ancient techniques and best modern technology, you win again and again and again! And make this world a better place. 

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