Liquid Roses - a story of a perfect hydrolat

Just two weeks a year. Millions of fresh petals.... The ancient process of making flower waters takes place. This process is known as making hydrosols, hydrolats, or vapor distilled flower waters.

It has been done for hundreds if not thousands of years for a good reason. The product of vapor distillation makes the most perfect flower waters and essential oils. Both have been proven staples for keeping skin naturally refreshed, toned, and healthy since antiquity.

And rose water is the most challenging of all flower waters. Precisely because REAL rose water cannot be produced all year long. 

10 lbs of rose petals are needed to produce just mere 5 quarts of decadent flower water. The water collects on the bottom and rose essential oil collects on the top of the distillation container.

Most companies skim the top precious layer and separate the oil from the water. We don't. Our rose water contains rose essential oil, which creates almost a serum-like, rich consistency and delivers incredible benefits of rose plant to the skin with an intensity that rivals no other.

Our favorite part about Katari rose water is that it only has one ingredient. Check the back of the packaging and after you tested our rose water on your skin, you will see the difference. A rose water that only has the rose water name and a bunch of ingredients that do not belong to pure rose water cannot properly help skin stay toned and youthful and irritation-free.

And since it is so difficult to produce the best quality rose water, actual high quality rose water is hard to find. That is why most rose waters available on the market contain rose essential oil, water, alcohol and other ingredients to create a resemblance to the real thing. The alternatives just do not do justice to the name of this luxury ancient product. 


Time and again I hear from our customers: "but I tried rose water and it was not anything special...".... "my Grandma used to use it, but I thought it was not that cool..." ... "the smell of rose waters I tried was too strong..."

The reason there were / are so many objections to using rose water, is because it sound so simple (how complex can a water be) and also because it was mass-produced into something it is not. You cannot mass produce good quality rose water. We spent over 8 years to find the best rose water in the Mediterranean. EIGHT YEARS!!!! 

Even the same region has variety of producers and their quality varies greatly. Just going to any Mediterranean country and buying rose water will disappoint you. Wrong ratio or petals to water, wrong temperature, wrong conditions of distillation and cooling, wrong equipment and you got a very mediocre flower water.

We chose to work with the artisans who have the highest degree of admiration for the process and the ultimate knowledge (like PH.D. in flower water distillation). Please meet Wafa and Amen - Katari flower water master distillers. Or should I say Doctor Distillers? 

Enjoy the best flower water toner, rose water hydrosol out there!

Big hug,


Team Katari

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