Hoba - Oil for Oily Skin? We say yes!

If you have skin, Hoba is a must. 

Chemistry - Chemical composition of this oil (actually liquid plant wax) is most similar to the chemistry of our skin and its sebum. This is exactly why Hoba easily neutralizes skin pH-balance, corrects skin secretions, while moisturizing skin and absorbing rapidly without a trace of oily residue or scent.

Production Process  - Katari Hoba, aka jojoba oil is produced by the masters of oil in the Mediterranean. Every dry seed is cold-pressed to extract unrefined, golden and pure oil. Cold-pressing is hard and it yields far less oil because it is so much harder to extract oil without adding temperature. The quality of the pure, cold-pressed oil is unparalleled. The process is what retains all beneficial properties without which any oil is just a greasy useless liquid.

Applications - a daily cleanse and moisturizing with Hoba is more than easy. Yes, you clean skin with an oil. And you prime and condition and moisturize with the oil as well. Hoba is excellent at cleansing skin and clearing it from acne, removing of makeup and moisturizing of dry, irritated skin (just make sure your skin is warm, preferably slightly wet and ready to receive this oil - it works so much better when you do it right!

Hoba does not clog pores - it is non-comedogenic (a good word beauty professionals use) and it is naturally pH-neutral and hypoallergenic, which means it is suitable for even most sensitive skin, even for newborns. Mine grew up on Hoba since day 1 and so did many of my friends' babies, who cannot stop raving about Hoba and using it obsessively for all skin conditions for the entire family.

Ritual - this are the best uses of Hoba based on my experience and that of dozens of happy Hoba fans.


  • Morning - apply a few drops of Hoba on freshly washed face (do not wait until skin dries, as oil absorbs so much better into the wet skin); you can always apply Katari Roseau or Geran (rose or geranium waters) for an extra wonderful morning feel and extra lavish morning treatment. Hoba is perfect as make-up primer. Try Hoba before makeup once and you will see the difference! 
  • Day - any time during the day on hands, lips, cuticles to moisturize and nourish. During winter and at any other time of the year, make sure that skin is not cold and preferably not dry to the touch when applying any oil
  • Evening - use Hoba as makeup remover and light skin moisturizer. Hoba will gently and effectively take care of the mascara, foundation, eyeshadows and will not irritate eyes or skin. After cleansing skin, wash it with warm water and apply a few more drops of Hoba before bed. Et voila - skin is clean, moisturized, conditioned and revived.


  • Morning - as conditioning aftershave oil that absorbs super quickly without leaving a trace of oily residue and does not smell; apply a few drops to face, neck and whatever is left apply to hair, beard and rub on your hands
  • Evening and on the road - as moisturizing oil for skin and hair; a few drops will go a long way; do not apply too much - Hoba spreads amazingly well and a couple of drops will do the work


  • on cradle cap - massage oil gently into the skin (a few drops is sufficient)
  • between diaper changes on slightly wet skin, though do allow skin to dry before putting on a fresh diaper
  • after bath on slightly wet skin all over
  • on dry, chapped lips

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