Every personal story starts with an "I". It makes sense. People are born, stories are made and some stories make it into history books and create legacy. 

A lot of us are born out of place, lacking family, structure, support, money, education, and yet, some refuse to fail and find their way through hard work and perseverance. I want my story to be known as a story of humble beginnings and determination to change my life and that of others. We all can - nothing is impossible. 

My fellows humans - dream big, real big!

Many told me before that no one reads anymore and no one cares about personal stories. I feel that it is important to tell stories. Through stories we learn that adversity and hardship can lead to strength and life full of adventure and fulfillment.

So through Katari stories I will be sharing my stories, the stories of the artisans and our amazing growing international team of dreamers and doers.

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