Dirt Matters

Pigs roll in it. We don't. But we should.

Not all dirts are created equal of course. There is one dirt on my list that make the cut of being superior. It is mud, or actually clay, or more precise green clay. And I call it Argil. 

Argil is or Argile Verte is green clay in French, hence the name.

Katari Argil is a unique clay that has been hiding on the bottom of an ancient seabed of an old Mediterranean Sea, which is now taken over by Atlas Mountains. 

I am surprised and puzzled as to how few people know and understand incredible benefits of this simple natural bio-organic raw mineral. Its properties are astounding. And all of it lies in its chemistry (not my favorite subject in school but highly helpful for understanding beauty, it turns out).

So, the iron and the magnesium in Argil work wonders on increasing metabolic functions of skin cell renewal, improve circulation and help with remineralization (feeding cells with good stuff). All these processes lead to making new healthy skin cells, which leads to good, toned, balanced skin. Simple but so complex. 

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