JMarie Skin Studio in Longmont - Med Spa and Natural Beauty - combining it perfectly!

I meant only to participate in what Jessica was doing, trying to do a tiniest little thing to help out with the enormous effort a lot of other people (just like Jessica were undertaking) - donating money, time and services to victims of a natural disaster....

It was one of those moments when you met someone who will become your close friend forever. You just know it in your gut. And age teaches you to trust your gut.

Apart from beauty and immense knowledge, this incredible human being brings strength and positivity and goes overboard to help and be. Her insatiable appetite for life, real people and knowledge is what draws me to Jessica and makes our relationship so special. 

So, when you know who you work with, and we don't work with businesses, we work with people, you understand why she is incredibly successful in everything she does. She does not cut corners. She does it right. She knows it all. She REALLY does, believe me! :) And teaches others, sharing information, skills, expertise - giving without asking. When you come to her JMarie Skin Studio in Longmont, Colorado - it has so much warmth, great energy and style, you want to go home and redecorate. But not before you got Jessica's magic on your skin.

Before meeting Jessica, I did not think much about complexities of some esthetics procedures and the depth of knowledge required. I do now. And when Jessica creates, it cannot be simple. She goes all out. She is an artist and a dreamer and an embodiment of what the best and the strongest in this world are made out.

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