Brows on Upper 15 Denver - Brow Shaping Salon

Michelle and I met through a mutual friend. Me being recommended to Michelle by one of my girlfriends and Michelle being skeptical about a 'great' skincare product line. 

Fast-forward almost three years - we talk about single ingredient beauty all the time, share recipes and knowledge, think big (very big) and make things happen. And in addition to dreaming big, Michelle makes everyone's face look perfect and with her partner and husband, David, manages an incredible team of beauty artists for many years.

We bonded over single-ingredients in skincare, of which Michelle was and is a pioneer and a guru. When everyone was looking for complex formulations, Michelle sought simplicity and most amazing active ingredients. She knows her ingredients. And she has assembled a team to match her incredible appetite for knowledge, beauty and kindness.

I love coming to Brows on Upper 15th to get my face in order and my brows to look perfect (naturally, of course). It is the warmest place with the greatest team of humans with amazing artistic touch. 

When you find people who truly touch your life and make you a better person, you would do anything to keep them. :) Thank you, Michelle, for giving me a chance a few years ago and for becoming an integral part of who I am as a person now.

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