Argíl (green clay) normalizes sebum production in skin

Argíl (green clay) normalizes sebum production in skin, shrinks pores, detoxifies skin, and due to its neutral pH-balance is suitable for any skin type. You can customize it even more by mixing it with your favorite facial oils, toners, and serums. .
When ever my skin is feeling congested during the week and I need a quick refresher, Argíl is my go to. My favorite combination is to mix one scoop with water & Hoba (jojoba oil) and allowing that sit on my face while I’m in the shower. It creates a relaxing experience because my face get to detoxify & steam. I follow up with my normal skincare routine and my face is a back calm and smooth. .
Check out more of @kataribeauty. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed with their products. They are slowly taking over as the favorites in my entire skincare line up. .
Also check out the link in my bio for the more information on Argíl as it is featured as this week in my Benefit of Series. 



Hoba replaces about 5 products in my travel bag - a primer, a moisturizer, a lip balm, makeup remover and hair conditioner. Pretty nice, eh?

Kate | Founder, Katari