3.3 oz | 100 ml

Roseau [ro-zo]

Rose Toner

decadently fragrant skin toning, refreshing and skin balancing rose water mist

One Ingredient:

first distillation 100% pure rose water with preserved rose essential oil

3.3 oz | 100 ml
Roseau is for fragrantly toned and beautiful skin. The rose toner is not just an ancient anti-aging beauty staple, but it can be used to set makeup, refresh skin any time, shrink pores, lift and tone skin, repair skin damage and inflammation just to name a few. It is light, has light decadent scent with fresh essence of rose petals distilled to perfection. No added fragrance, no preservatives - just pure essence of rose with retained rose essential oil for extra anti-aging and healing power. 

5 reasons to love Rose Water

  • Rich in Vitamin C, rose water boosts collagen production. Coupled with Katari Barie Oil, it is a collagen-rebuilding maverick

  • Rose water is a light astringent - it tightens pores & slightly lefts skin without drying it

  • Rich in Vitamin B, rose water protects and helps repair skin cells & broken capillaries

  • Anti-bacterial in nature, rose water is wonderful to calm skin from irritation

  • Perfect scalp and hair treatment - great for a massage without oily feel

Why Our Customers Love Roseau

Roseau solves a lot of skin 'problems' while smelling divine!

We listed some of the skin concerns that our rose water addressed for our customers.

  • balanced skin pH

  • improved skin texture

  • calmed skin redness

  • tightened pores

  • locked moisture

  • improved oily skin

Please share your experience with Roseau!


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Smells SOOOOO Good!

I recently had the opportunity to try the Roseau (Mediterranean Rose Toner). It really does help the oil to absorb and my face is so so soft! Reading the other reviews I am hoping it will help with my redness too.

I love theses products & believe in their healing abilities. The lengths that they go to find the most amazing raw material and the handblown glass bottles (adorable) is not like anything I have seen before.

If you are reading this review because you are not sure if you want to purchase them or not...please do! You will not be disappointed in any way. Start with one and see how you like it but be careful you WILL WANT MORE! Enjoy!!!

Thank you to everyone at Katari for amazing products and the thought that goes in to every little detail!


Great product! I never used toner before Roseau and now use it twice a day and refuse to be without it. Just ordered the large bottle :)

Elizabeth B
My favorite product

I don’t typically write reviews, but love this toner and company so much I need to. I live in dry Denver and cannot imagine applying any products without this rose water toner 1st. Not only does the toner lock in moisture, but it makes me feel totally refreshed and pampered. Ive tried multiple toners in the past and this is by far the best I’ve found. I’ve also newly discovered the barie oil and it is my newest staple to my routine. Most importantly, Katari Beauty is one of the best companies I’ve encountered in the industry. They’re customer service is above comparison and the samples with each order last for weeks and allow me to find new favorite products.

Aww, thank you so much! So touched by your kind words. Anything we can do better, please let us know! And Rose water is our daily staple for sure as well before any oil. It feels amazing! Big hug to you and stay warm! ~ Kate

Mackenzie H.
Best pore tightening toner I have ever used

I cannot believe how effective this is at tightening my pores! I have combination skin with enlarged pores on my nose, so I use this on my t-zone. I wish I switched over years ago because my skin texture of my nose is way more even now. Highly recommend for oily skin and oily t-zones

Mackenzie, thank you so much again for taking time to write such a wonderful testimonial and share your recommendations. We are so grateful! And it is pretty cool, that seemingly simple rose water can be so effective. ;) Hugs! ~ Kate


On my third bottle, this is by far my favorite toner and hydration spray! It smells DIVINE and it tones and adjusts the ph, without any irritation or stickiness! I literally use it for everything from a simple toner, to a cleanser, to a makeup setting spray. Love love!

Erin, thank you so much! It is our daily go-to as well! So glad you live it so much!!! Big hug and thank you, ~ Kate

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Kate goes all out talking about waters. Enjoy and share the show! :) Become a flower water expert just after one video!

Watch how flower waters are made

Watch this video to see our artisans at work, distilling a fresh batch of flower water for you to enjoy. Meet our beautiful makers!

Why Katari rose water is the best!

Potent & Concentrated

it takes over 10 lbs (~5kg) of fresh petals to make 1 gallon (~3 L) of rose flower water, also known as rose hydrosol

Comes from Best Soil

Mediterranean sun and fertile pristine soil grows roses that make the most fragrant and powerful rose water.

Preserved Rose Essential Oil

that is the most precious product of distillation stays with Katari rose water to pack powerful vitamins and fragrant rose notes.

Crafted by Artisan-Scientists

we work with artisans who are also scientists in the field of vapor-distillation, who make the best rose water on Earth.

Tips on using Roseau

Reduce Pores

Spray rose water onto clean skin and massage it into the skin with your fingertips. 

Treat Hair & Scalp

Massage rose water into dry clean hair roots to help stimulate hair growth and reduce dandruff.

Calm Skin

Spray rose water onto clean skin and massage it into the skin with your fingertips. 


Spray rose water on clean skin. Add a few drops of Hoba (jojoba) oil and massage to seal the moisture.

Set Makeup

Spray rose water on skin after makeup application. Refresh as many times as you like.

Products that complement Roseau

Rose water is very easy to use by itself. It is simply addictive. In the morning, spray rose rose water spray on the clean face and decolette area and then add a few drops of Hoba or Barie Oil by massaging the toner together with the oil into the face. At night you can repeat the process with either Rosehip or Barie again. Our daily go-to is Rose Water + Hoba Oil in the morning and Rose Water +Barie Oil at night. And there are also a few kits that our beauty guru came up with that have a few different ways of combining our ingredients for a beautifully glowing skin.

We know, it is addictive! For more...

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