Hand-carved Olivewood


Imagine the time when things were simple and pure. Inhale the salty air of sunny Mediterranean and exhale the stresses of everyday life and add simplicity back to your life with an ancient accessory made out of beautiful olivewood. Indulge in a scoop of ice cream, mix or apply a beauty recipe - and let the time stop in a perfectly beautiful moment.

Why use Olivewood?

Olivewood is extremely hardy and non-porous. This makes it resistant to bacteria and very versatile to use. The main reason we picked olivewood for our accessories, is because it is truly sustainable and makes a perfect tool to create beauty recipes without altering the pH of your ingredients. And it makes a beautiful little kitchen helper to eat a yoghurt, ice cream or jar spoon - so many uses you can come up with!

How it is made?

Olivewood accessories are made by Katari artisans in the Mediterranean Tunisia. Each piece is finished by hand and it takes a while to make each spatula. Variations in sizes and shapes are natural due to the process. Wood patterns are also varied due to uniqueness of each piece of wood used.

Hand-carved Olivewood



very hardy, does not splinter

Olivewood accessories are an ancient and sustainable craft. Olivewood is naturally hardy and does not splinter, making accessories made from it incredibly durable and perfect for many uses.
  • Size: 2.5" / ~6.3 cm (sizes and shapes vary slightly due to handmade nature)

  • Material: olivewood from mature, non producing trees

  • Uses: eat ice cream, yoghurt, measure and mix beauty recipes (or even apply facial masques or liquid wax) - use in kitchen or in beauty rituals

  • Benefits: olivewood is neutral to ingredients and will not oxidize your products, the wood is hardy and will not splinter or swell in the water. Non-porous nature of olivewood makes it resistant to bacteria

  • Tips: preferably hand wash; to restore shine - polish with olive oil

Learn more about olive wood spatulas

Here is some info and tips about this accessory for beauty or kitchen.

Olivewood accessories are sustainable!

Olive trees produce fruit (olives) only for a few decades. Then, new trees are planted near old ones and old trees find new live in gorgous accessories you can enjoy for many years.

Watch this video from our olive wood maker!

Watch our video from Katari artisan, Idriss, passionate about his sustainable craft of making olive wood accessories and saving the world! 

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Hand-carved olivewood 



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